EDL Weekender: Go To Apapa This Weekend

EAT: Thai at Orchid House

FOLLY: If you ever need to go to Apapa and it's not a life or death situation, I don't know why you would go on any other day but a weekend.

NOSA: This is a good opportunity to explore Lagos. Make a day trip to Apapa this weekend lol

Orchid House Apapa.jpg

FOLLY: I'm going to come right out and say it before we even publish the review tomorrow, this is the best Thai food I've ever had in Lagos. 

DRINK: Free cocktail with a haircut at BarBar

NOSA: Remember Tiwa Savage's interview about her husband? She got so upset because T-Billz got his hair cut twice each week. Like, she'd go on a thing about his cocaine habit, then bring it back to the haircuts. I thought that was so hilarious.

I digress.

bar bar lagos

BarBar gives you a free cocktail with every haircut you get. So if you're getting one this weekend, go to BarBar and take advantage of that. And I know only like 10 guys read this blog, so ladies, drag your man friend to BarBar to trim his beard because it's bushy and disgusting. 

FOLLY: And you can drink his free cocktail while he's at it. Disgusting you say, Nosa?

NOSA: Yes, I say that because I can't grow a beard :(

FOLLY: Which is also why Nosa doesn't comment on "beard topics" on Twitter.

NOSA: Doesn't hurt that BarBar has the best wings in Lagos too.

FOLLY: Sir, you're reaching on those wings