EDL Weekender: All About NOK Brunch

EAT: Sunday Brunch @ NOK by ALARA

NOSA: NOK is joining the Sunday brunch game and we're sooooo here for it. Add this to your weekend to-do list fast. Check it out this weekend and we can have a little pow wow bout it on Monday. Deal?

FOLLY: I swear NOK just wants to take all my money. 


DRINK: Pineapple Margaritas @ Cafe Royale

NOSA: ...because why not.


FOLLY: If you do go, please be warned that the food is overwhelmingly average so it is advisable that you go on a full stomach. If you must nibble on something, get the mozzarella sticks - end of. 



FOLLY: Technically this is next weekend but who's gonna check me.