EDL Weekender: There's An Alcoholic Drinks Exhibition

EAT: Delis Is Still BAE


FOLLY: Remember when we used to go to Deli's every weekend? We've stopped now but I met some of my friends there last week ad yup, it's still as good as I remember. 

NOSA: Funny enough, I haven't been to Deli's in forever. I need to fix that this weekend. Or tonight.

Yeah, I'll fix that tonight.


DRINK: Palm Wine & Other Local Drinks At Studio of Mode

FOLLY: There are eleven drinks you get to try, ELEVEN let that sink in. 

NOSA: I think I'm going for the Asun. Palm Wine might not be my thing.

LAGOS: DrummerFest (The Talking Drum Festival)

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 10.20.20 AM.png

EMEKA: Free pickup and drop off busses from Ikeja Mall (ICM) , Unilag New hall and Palms Lekki From 11am -12pm prompt. Seems they also have a Bonfire that starts 5pm. Bonfire on the beach? We're there!