EDL Taste Test: Cafe Neo vs. My Coffee

FOLLY: We've been trying to do a meat pie taste test for a couple of weeks. However, Mr. Biggs meat pie is so difficult to track down that I wonder why some people still hold on to it as the best meat pie in Lagos when you can't even get it to buy.

Anyways, till we can track down a Mr. Biggs that's still open, we decided to do a taste test comparing the two main coffee shops in Lagos - Cafe Neo and My Coffee. 

NOSA: For the longest time, Cafe Neo was the only proper coffee shop we had in Lagos. Sure, there’s Art Cafe and, to some degree, Jazzhole, but neither afforded you the chance to grab a cup on your way to work. Art Cafe and Jazzhole are “fancier” cafés in some ways. Anyway, enough of this gist. My Coffee came along to upset this Cafe Neo monopoly so we’re doing a comparison.



my coffee neo 1.JPG

NOSA: Cafe Neo only has two cup sizes N900 and N1000.

FOLLY: My Coffee has 4 - N650, N770, N990 and N1200.



NOSA: My Coffee is a lot stronger, but it’s also a lot lighter. Almost like coffee water. Cafe Neo feels richer and thicker.



FOLLY: I don't know what Nosa has against "thin drinks". He's number one complaint about drinks he doesn't like is always "it's too thin". 

I've had coffee from My Coffee and Cafe Neo several times before this "taste test", and one thing I feel the need to add is that My Coffee's caramel macchiato is consistent, it always tastes the same. On the contrary, I feel we caught Cafe Neo on a good day because I was literally in there last week and I got a terrible tasting coffee drink parading itself as a macchiato. 



My Coffee

My Coffee

NOSA: For a caramel macchiato, My Coffee’s iteration has next to no caramel.


NOSA: Neo takes this round easy.



NOSA: Cafe Neo, for me. 

FOLLY: Samesies.