EDL Weekender: EatDrinkFestival Weekend Is Here

If you aren't at the £EatDrinkFestival this weekend, I don't know where else you're going to be. Anyway, since we can't just skip ahead to Sunday already, here are our picks for Friday and Saturday fun.

EAT: Jamaican Food at Mango Room

NOSA: This is the first Caribbean restaurant in Lagos, right? Considering how similar the cultures are, I'm surprised it took so long. Anyway, better late than never, add Mango Room to your weekend adventure plans.


FOLLY: Get the curry goat and let me know if I should try it. K thanks.


DRINK: Wine o' clock at The Winehouse 

NOSA: Just in case you forgot, Winehouse is still the move for low-key weekend rocks. 


FOLLY: Winehouse is actually a Lagos hack. 


LAGOS: #EatDrinkFestival, Duh!

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