Searching For The Best Shawarma In Lagos: Ebeano

Ebeano Supermarket

Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase I, Lagos 

FOLLY: Nosa dragged me into Ebaeno kicking and screaming. I'm a self professed hater of Ebaeno shawarma. It's the worst shawarma in Lekki, there I said it.

NOSA: Lies.

FOLLY: They don't even bother to remove the chicken skin or bones, they just chuck it all in there as per abasha. This time was no different, I thankfully didn't find bones in my shawarma but I did find chicken skin.

NOSA: Famz. Look at you claiming my struggle and I told you about the skin in confidence. SMH.

FOLLY: I feel like I'm finally vindicated because every time I told Nosa that there was bone & skin in their shawarma he didn't believe me. He told me my smear campaign wouldn't work and that I'm a terrorist. 

NOSA: Because you're a liar. 

Ebeano might have fallen off a little but they're the greatest shawarma to have shawarm-ed

Sidenote: The aunty selling the shawarma was mad aggressive, like someone stole her boyfriend or something.

FOLLY: Let's be honest, Ebaeno doesn't sell shawarma it's a Nigerian chicken wrap. It bangs because the chicken is nice and they probably put maggi inside it. 

NOSA: The "maggi" might explain why the sauce was so "sweet". The shawarma was mad skinny too. My large wasn't really large. 

FOLLY: My regular was kiddie sized, maybe they need a kid's menu. Anyways,  we need to come together as Nigerians to decide on an official name for this Nigerianized version of shawarma, this has gone on too long,  I wouldn't mind if the NASS set up a naming committee for the same. 

If you're looking for the Lebanese shawarma, just go to Shawarma & Co.


NOSA: Ebeano shawarma is like fat Ronaldo after the knee injuries. He still scored goals at Madrid and Milan, but he was never really the same.



Large - N1200

Regular - N1000