EDL Weekender: Catfish & Palmwine Night

EAT: Suya, Catfish And Palmwine At Terra Kulture

FYL_Friday (2).jpg

FOLLY: This suya, catfish and palm wine night is part of the Find Your Lagos Festival. In case you're not caught up, the Find Your Lagos is a festival that's been happening all throughout this week with different events around Lagos, get hip here

NOSA: Palmwine has never really been up my alley. Maybe I can fix that.


DRINK: Your Lagos, Duh!


FOLLY: We're doing this on Sunday and it's going to be a lot of fun. You can RSVP here, or just show up on the day - no fuss, but those EDL cups are really really limited so come early.

NOSA: Bring a blanket, some loose clothes, and come drink.


LAGOS: Find Your Lagos Festival

FYL_Saturday (2).jpg

FOLLY: There's a lot happening this weekend and so it's way too hard for me to pick one thing to recommend, so please don't spend this particular weekend in bed,  but get out there and find your Lagos. 

NOSA: We have a fencing club in Lagos?