Eat.Drink.Lagos Taste Test: Cupcakes!

FOLLY: Presenting our latest foray into something we know absolutely nothing about...

NOSA: Videos!

FOLLY: Video might look a bit amateur to a technical person but we shot/edited this ourselves at my amazing cousin's studio (THANK YOU!). I was one of the cameramen alongside a real cameraman (shouts to Dami). Nosa was the director and I'm not sure what the producer does but that's me. 

NOSA: We got 4 followers in a studio and made them rate popular Lagos cupcakes.

1. Honey's Cupcakes
2. The Sweet Spot
3. Cakes & Cream
4. SALT Lagos

FOLLY: It was a blind test because they didn't know which cupcake was from which vendor during the tasting.

NOSA: A bit like we've tried to do with Taste Test and the final verdicts might shock you.

FOLLY: We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it: it was really fun. We had over 30 cupcakes in the studio that day - no we didn't eat them all. 

If you have any suggestions on food/topics for our future editions, please let us know in the comments.

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