EDL Taste Test: Ace Roots vs Orijin

NOSA: This week's taste test is between Guinness' Orijin and Nigerian Breweries' shameless rip off, Ace Roots.

And no, not the Orijin that bricklayers and mechanics drink. God forbid, I'm not trying to kill myself because of this blog. 

eatdrinklagos orijin taste-1.jpg

FOLLY: They probably think this version is juice. 


FOLLY: We couldn't get the drinks in the exact same size because of the bar's stock. However, the Orijin small bottle was N500, while the Ace Roots big bottle was N800. A supermarket check revealed that Orijin is usually slightly more expensive than Ace Roots but the bars probably just mark up to the same price. 


NOSA: At their core, Orijin and Ace Roots have the same base taste. Probably the herbs they talk about in their commercials. Ace Roots, however, tastes "lighter" compared to Orijin. There's this fizziness that hits your taste buds when take your first sip. You might be forgiven if you assume it has less alcohol too. 

eatdrinklagos orijin taste-6.jpg
eatdrinklagos orijin taste-7.jpg

FOLLY: As a naturalista, I'm wary of things that have too many ingredients. Ace Roots has 22 ingredients, compared to Orijin's humble 13. They both are bitter despite both having sugar listed as the 3rd ingredient. Ace Roots has a slight hint of ginger with your first sip, and finishes bitter, while Orijin is bitter from start to finish. 


eatdrinklagos orijin taste-4.jpg

NOSA: Can you tell the difference between Ace Roots and Orijin? Yes, you can. 

Well, I could. Folly failed twice, but I believe in you, dear reader. You can do this. 

FOLLY: That's because Nosa didn't have a system, he mixed the glasses up when I closed my eyes. 


NOSA: Give me Orijin any day.

FOLLY: As I "failed" the blind taste test due to human error, I don't think I have a say here, but if I did it'll be Ace Roots.