EDL Taste Test: BBQ & Cravings Ribs vs Urban Fuxion Ribs

NOSA: Someone floated this idea to me a while back and I can't believe it's taken so long to get round to it. Actually, I can believe, I'm lazy. 

Anyway, this is something we're going to be doing with increasing frequency. We're still working on the name lol. 

FOLLY: I don't think EDL Taste Test is a bad name. Pretty boring, but it's descriptive.

NOSA: For our first "EDL Taste Test", we're comparing the ribs at BBQ & Cravings with the ones at Urban Fuxion. 



eatdrinklagos urbanfuxion-2.jpg

NOSA: At N2500, BBQ & Cravings might cost N100 more, but they give you a lot more rib per naira than Urban Fuxion. For that alone, I think they shade it as far as price goes.

FOLLY: I don't know for sure if the BBQ & Cravings ribs are actually a bigger portion than Urban Fuxion's or just look like more because they are cut into little pieces. 

Ps. BBQ & Cravings ribs are usually N3000 with two sides and a drink, while Urban Fuxion's portion is usually N2900 with one side and a drink. We specifically requested to drop the sides and drinks.



eatdrinklagos urbanfuxion-1.jpg

NOSA: This might either be a new development or I never noticed it, but BBQ & Cravings ribs have some spicy bbq thing going. Like, they were looking out for their target market. 

FOLLY: Nope, not a new development, they've always been like that. 

NOSA: That said, Urban Fuxion is the one for me.  

FOLLY: I disagree with Nosa on this. I quite liked the spicy bbq sauce on the BBQ & Cravings ribs, even licked the little bones.



eatdrinklagos urbanfuxion-3.jpg

NOSA: Urban Fuxion ribs are incredibly tender. Just like how ribs should be. 

FOLLY: Nowhere in Lagos makes ribs as tender as Urban Fuxion's. If someone does, I've never been there. 

NOSA: BBQ & Cravings ribs are nothing close to tender. Not even close.


NOSA: Urban Fuxion. Easily.

FOLLY: Urban Fuxion.