Four Point Oh

FOLLY: Earlier this year, a couple of our vendor friends/partners were very unhappy to learn that we were pivoting #EatDrinkFestival to be an annual event. The December 2017 edition was exciting and we wanted to maintain that level of anticipation of an end of year event. We didn’t want to dilute it with a smaller mid year event, and so Jollof was born.

For the loaf of food.png

NOSA: We had another idea for a mid year event, but that didn’t pan out for a couple of reasons. That idea is still cooking though, it’ll be back soon.

FOLLY: This is the first #EatDrinkFestival that during the planning phase I feel calm and don’t feel like I’m running wildly behind schedule - I guess I’m finally experienced. I feel like I know what we’re doing, for once no imposter syndrome.

NOSA: Unlike my partner here, I’m not calm at all. That’s all I’m willing to disclose online.

FOLLY: Nosa and I will need to have a chat offline. Something else that’s also pretty amazing is that all our Festival Partners (sponsors, if you must) are returning partners. There’s a certain anxiety that is usually present from partners when they feel they don’t know what they are getting themselves into. Perspective is everything.

Anyway, *In Koye10 voice*.... all of this is to say that Eat Drink Festival IV is here and #ItsBetter


NOSA: Beyond the date, the first thing you’ve probably noticed is the location. Yes, we’re on the move again. Down the street from our good friends, GTB. Like, all the way at the end. I didn’t even know the space existed.

For the loaf of food(2).png

FOLLY: The parking is also solid and Taxify is coming clutch with rides for everybody. New and old riders, they got you.

NOSA: Hopefully, this is our final bus stop and we get to make a home out of it because we’ve already figured out the logistics of it all (wait till you see the map). As for the reason for the move, maybe we’ll discuss that in the Festival postmortem.

FOLLY: Our vendor line up is still baking but so far it’s lit. The menus are streamlined and prices are in multiples of N500, we’re hoping this minimizes the change issues.

NOSA: Oh yeah, there’s a bunch of new things at this year’s festival from an operational perspective. There’s a couple of things we fucked up last year, like the Tasting Tent, that we believe we’ve fixed this year.

FOLLY: This year, we’re excited to be partnering with Stanbic IBTC, the Nestle family (yah, they are family at this point) - Maggi, Nescafe, and Nestle water, American Honey, SKYY and Taxify.

Yeah, EatDrinkFestival 4.0 and #ItsBetter

NOSA: December 26. Water Corporation Drive.