EDL Taste Test: Coldstone vs. Ice Cream Factory

FOLLY: My sister is the biggest ice cream lover I've ever known. She's a full grown adult and can eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and the only reason she doesn't is because "a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips". That said, ice cream lovers like herself often hold very strong beliefs on who has better ice cream between Coldstone and Ice Cream Factory (ICF). She, my sister, will fight you to the death that Coldstone is better. I have no such strong opinions, in fact, I don't normally eat ice cream, but we thought this would be a fun taste test so Nosa and I did it for a good cause. 


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FOLLY: Since Coldstone refuses to EVER have the smallest cup size available and forces you to go a size up, ICF is de facto cheaper. A single scoop is N500 at ICF and at Coldstone the medium size is N1000.

NOSA: It's basically the same thing. Double scoop at ICF = Medium at Coldstone



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FOLLY: Neither of them tasted like vanilla ice cream.

NOSA: I thought they both did to some degree. 

FOLLY: I highly doubt there was any vanilla bean in this, or maybe they used Foster Clark's vanilla extract.

NOSA: Or maybe I've forgotten how vanilla tastes.

FOLLY: Coldstone's, for some reason, tasted like malted milk and for that reason alone I preferred it. 



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FOLLY: Coldstone's ice cream is a lot softer, and that maybe because of how they scoop it out with two scoops and press it into each other and roll. It could also be a factor of the temperature at which they store it.  

NOSA: Might be related, but I think this explains why ICF's melts faster. I think I got a B in WAEC Chemistry so I know what I'm saying.



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FOLLY: I could tell them apart.

NOSA: Easily, if I must add.

FOLLY: it was that hint of malt in the Coldstone that made it stand out to me. 

NOSA: For me, ICF had this really milky thing to it in the aftertaste. I hate milk with all my soul so I could definitely tell them apart.



FOLLY: Both are basically churned milk as there was no vanilla flavor, but if I still had to choose which I preferred, I'd go with Coldstone. 

NOSA: Vanilla is probably the worst way to decide, to be fair.

FOLLY: Ehh, I think it's a good way to evaluate. Vanilla is quite simple and at the same time very easy to mess up if you use dodgy vanilla.

Coldstone vs Ice Cream Factory
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