Eat.Drink.Festival: Meet The Vendors I

If you follow us on Instagram (if you don't, what's wrong with you?), you probably have noticed we've been spotlighting vendors at the Eat.Drink.Festival. The goal is to give you a bit of what to expect at the festival, which should be a shitload of fun. 

Just in case you were not pumped enough for it, we've given our vendors a chance to "sell their market" lol

Heels In The Kitchen

My favorite thing on my Eat.Drink.Festival menu is… the chicken wings. I've gone an entire week eating only chicken wings smothered in our stout molasses barbecue sauce... and I had no regrets. Make sure you get chicken wings at the festival.

I cook/bake because… I believe good food is a basic human right. I'm just doing my little bit to help humanity grow. Cooking is quite therapeutic for me, it's like solving a puzzle with every meal that leaves my kitchen and that relaxes me and makes me feel so accomplished.  Also because... #teamorobo

My favorite restaurant/buka in Lagos is… I'm almost ashamed to say this. Right now it's The Place. I always get jollof rice, asun and gizzard and it's always just what I need. Mind you I tend to get food after work at 1am in the morning so it might just be a combination of starvation and exhaustion tricking my mind but either way my mouth and belly are happy so...

Check out what Heels In The Kitchen is serving up at the festival

Roadster Burgers n' Grills

My favorite thing on my Eat.Drink.Festival menu is... the Hawaiian Burger that has a topping of egg and sausage

I cook because... it's a passion derived while in a developed country

My favorite restaurant/buka in Lagos is... White house in Yaba Lagos for their favorite amala and goat meat.

Check out what Roadster Burgers n' Grills is serving up at the festival

Urban Fuxion

My favorite thing on my Eat.Drink.Festival menu is... the Half Rack of Ribs and the 10pc Signature Wings! The flavors on both are simply out of this world! 


A couple new additions to the menu will a lamb burger, a breakfast sandwich and different burger sauces. 


Smigz Mobile Bar

My favorite thing on my Eat.Drink.Festival menu is... has to be the Strawberry Daiquiri because it's made with fresh strawberries and so yummy. 

The Poptails/Popsicles are also a must. What's better than a lollipop spiked with some booze on a hot day in Lagos. 

My all-time favorite cocktail is... Simple: Jack and Coke. 

My favorite restaurant/buka in Lagos... I have to be partial and say The Business Class lounge because of the various flavors of chicken wings.  As for Bukas, Amala shitta for the win.

Check out what Smigz Mobile Bar is serving up at the festival

Sugarcane Kitchen

Deliver? Yes, we deliver. Our phone number: 08188636754. Email: 

Our favorite thing on our Eat.Drink.Festival menu is… Apple pie and ice cream (Yanate). Brownie and ice cream (Hauwa). 

We bake because... Hmmm besides making money, we get an unlimited supply of desserts to taste 😏 

Our favorite restaurant/buka in Lagos... Rhapsody, but during the day like at 12pm

Check out what Sugarcane Kitchen is serving up at the festival