EDL Weekender: It's International Picnic Day This Weekend

EAT: Gelato With Friends

FOLLY: Check out our interview with the owner of Hans & René, then shimmy on down to ICM, The Palms or Radisson Blu to share gelato with friends and be adorable. 


NOSA: No, we're not on Hans & René's payroll. Stop asking.

DRINK: Mango Margaritas

FOLLY: Now this one isn't Nosa's cup of tea because he hates fruits but mangoes are in season, so why not make margaritas of them. I had this one at NOK but Casa Lydia and La Provence also make them.

NOSA: If you don't like Mangoes, you should probably stay away from these because they're very mango-y.



LAGOS: International Picnic Day

FOLLY: I'm hesitant to share this because I'm afraid of it getting too mainstream. It is one of my favorite things to do in Lagos, so I'll share it with y'all. 

NOSA: This is a very alté rocks. Like, the alté-est of the alté.

Pro tip: Bring a lawn chair