EDL Weekender: Carnivore Edition

FOLLY: Welcome to the first EDL Weekender of 2017!

NOSA: Hip hip hooray?

FOLLY: I love and hate how in Nigeria we continue to wish each other happy new year well into February. Anyway, we thought to herald in the new year with a carnivore edition of our usual weekender. Kinda like a best meats of Lagos. 

Smokehouse Double Johnny Rockets Lagos

NOSA: Like Neo in the Matrix, the Smokehouse Double is the one.

FOLLY: Da one. 

NOSA: Just look at it, mate.

FOLLY: In the days leading up to the Festival because we were always at Eko Atlantic, Nosa and I found ourselves at Johnny Rockets a couple of times.

NOSA: More than a couple.

FOLLY: I really have to give it to them because they have some of the best burgers in Lagos. Pretty good quality meat (and you can say the same for all the other ingredients) and the price comes in at under 5K. To me, that's fair, but to someone else it might not be. 



Take Out: Urban Fuxion

urban fuxion food truck ribs.jpg

FOLLY: Almost 3 years now and still the tenderest (is this a real word?) ribs we've found in the WHOLE of Lagos and we've been many places. 

NOSA: I'm surprised no one has tried copy the UF technique. Probably because Nigerians don't like their meat tender. Target market ting, I guess


Restaurant: Utopia

Utopia Ribs

FOLLY: If you're easily alarmed look away now cause the price may stun you. N12K for this rack...

NOSA: BL has better tasting ribs, to be fair, but they don't look as good as these.

FOLLY: That is true, the ribs at BL are also "insert flame emoji". 


Steak: 1415 & Talindo

1415 steak.jpg

FOLLY: It's a toss up between Talindo and 1415. In terms of value for money, I have to give it to Talindo. 

NOSA: Tough, but I'll go with 1415.


Suya: Glover Court 

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 11.57.02 AM.png

FOLLY: This is awkward because between Nosa and myself, neither one of us really cares for suya so we've never really bothered to investigate this properly.

NOSA: I'm not investigating anything abeg.

FOLLY: Well, then I guess we're not. 

NOSA: I'm sure Glover doesn't serve dog meat so they're the best. Can't trust anybody else. Maybe Bukka Hut, but that place smells like fufu so Glover it is.