The Best Thing I Ate This Year...

NOSA: As the end of the year draws nigh, it is perhaps a good time to reflect. To look back at our gastronomic highs and lows.

FOLLY: You’ve gotta read that in Guy Fieri’s voice.


Prawns "Quwesaddila" - 355

NOSA: This was a completely random discovery. I remember I was pretty shit faced and I thought the typo in the menu was so hilarious. Folly, I think, said we should order it for bants.

Menu Typo

My God, it was delicious. I came back like a week later and ordered it sober just to be sure. Look, don’t let silly things like menu typos keep you from finding happiness. That's how people miss out on their blessing uno? 

FOLLY: I wish I could use this story with future employers to show good decision making skills. I mean, Nosa and I were one wahalarita pitcher down when we ordered it, and it's the single best drunk decision I've ever made. 


Sharwarma - Yusuf, a shawarma guy in Lekki

FOLLY: Earlier this year, I was getting my hair done and the hairdressers asked me if I wanted them to order me a shawarma. I took them up on their offer and my God, the shawarma was so delicious. I made a mental note of the address on the nylon bag.

I still forgot it though, so a couple of days later I had to call my hairdresser to ask but she didn’t know the name of the street and the person they usually send wasn’t around.


I just had to find that shawarma so I trolled the streets near the hairdresser. I found it and binged on that shawarma for a few months.

Yusuf and I were guys; he used to text me his opening times and when he won’t be around. I’d also pre-order my shawarma so I wouldn’t have to wait. He’s moved away now and I’ve never visited him at his new location.

NOSA: RT if u cri evritiem


The Chicken Logs - RSVP

NOSA: I’ve gushed over this already, but I don’t think you guys get it yet. If I could make sweet love to a meal, this would be the one. This is probably how it feels when you meet the love of your life.

The sudden realization that every meal you’ve had recent history with wasn’t worth a damn.

FOLLY: Too much Nosa, too much. 

NOSA: My first bite was like an epiphany. Felt like Adam when he took a bite of Eve’s apple and became fully cognizant of the existence of breasts. Like, "where have you been all my life?"

“Oversized chicken fingers stuffed with cheese and served with fries”.


FOLLY: So awesome that Nosa had to go back the next day to order it again.

NOSA: True love, my friends. True love.


Cheese Naan - Churrasco

FOLLY: The cheese naan at Churrasco is the only reason I’m not campaigning for Churrasco to cease operations, and oh maybe because if my future husband has relations with the Help, I'll need a couple Incredible Hulks to drown my sorrows. It arrives warm and it's so cheeeesy; it’s divine, really. I eat it with ketchup, Nosa judges me *shrug*.

NOSA: I can't believe I'm about to give credit to the creators of the worst shawarma you'll ever eat in your life. There's probably a French or German word to describe eating humble pie in this way. It really pains me to do this, but I'll begrudgingly admit it: the cheese naan at Churrasco is fantastic.

You know when Rihanna went on about finding love in a hopeless place on that one song? She was probably singing about the cheese naan at Churrasco. 

Enough of us, what's the best thing you ate in Lagos this year?