Eat.Drink.Lagos Is Hiring!

FOLLY: We wish we could be hiring for food eating positions but before that we need a couple of people to help us grow. If any of these positions interest you please drop us a note at the specified email address. 

social media assistant job post

FOLLY: Please, note that neither of these roles is intended as a full-time gig.

NOSA: Yeah, you can't really survive on 35k/month. 

FOLLY: The social media assistant is perfect for those based in Lagos and beyond and have free time on their hands that they can use to earn additional income.

NOSA: Basically, the role is a "tweet for us" role. All you need to do is have jokes and tweet EDL links. Folly and I will be super swamped this year so we need help. We'll handle your Internet bill and you can come get lunch with us sometimes.

FOLLY: Likewise, with the ad sales exec if you already have a full-time gig in advertising/sales and you're looking for a side hustle you're the kind of person we're looking for. 

ad sales executive job post

NOSA: If you think you're good for either, let us know.