Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LIII

FOLLY: I was sad last week cause we only had one question but you guys decided to out-do yourselves and make me happy with lots of questions this week, y'all are too kind. 

Subject: Remote Working Places.

Message: Like they do on Lagos radio.. “First time asker here!”

I’m thinking it would be a good idea to do a series/review of places that are good to work out of. Personally, I am looking at a place where spending N2k can get me 5 hours free of side eye

Most important feature for me would be power socket and decent table. A good glass view like the Dominos at Yaba ko bad!

Na Ikeja mainland I dey (na we dey follow Olamide drag) so please try look outside the Lekki/VI Axis.

Good job BTW! Carry go!
— O.N

FOLLY: We've actually written that post here. And we ended it with a call for suggestions for similar spots on the mainland because we didn't have any but we didn't get any recommendations in the comments :(

NOSA: There's Orchid Bistro in Ikeja, but there are no outlets in the patio. There's the CC Hub rooftop cafe, but you have to be a member (last I checked). Businesses in Yaba are very startup-unfriendly.

My husband and I will be visiting Lagos with 3 of our children ( aged 14, 11 and 8) .it will be their first time in Nigeria. We will also be there with a family with children of ages ranging from 14 to 24. Can you recommend really nice places to eat during our stay?

Will be staying on the island. Nice dining as well as buka food 😊

— E.O

FOLLY: I think Crust & Cream is great for children. While it's a bit far out, BBQ & Cravings is also very child-friendly. It'll be a bit messy because its barbecue and burgers but thankfully they have wipes. 

Buka food on the island won't be in VI or Ikoyi, Lagos Island has all the good spots.

NOSA: There's Abe Igi in Lekki if you want a buka in the area. 

FOLLY: Abeg Igi is hardly a buka.  

Subject: Birthday dinner

Message: Hi I was wondering where I could take over 10 of my friends out for a birthday dinner with a budget of 150000.
— S.E

FOLLY: The Rooftop at Eko Hotel is hardly a proper sit-down dinner, but I had my birthday there and it was lovely.  

NOSA: This is a healthy budget lol. If you really want to go all out, I say you take them to 1415 in Eko Signature. 

Subject: Brunch with Grandma

Message: Hi, I’m looking for a nice place with great ambiance and lighting and people watching to take my grandma for brunch on a Monday...its just two of us and budget is 15,000. Lekki-VI-Ikoyi axis preferable. I would prefer actual restaurants not hotel brunches. Is there any place you guys would recommend?

P.S- Your blog is really engaging and well written, and you have a great brand. All the best!
— E.N

FOLLY: You're too sweet. Craft Gourmet is my top recommendation. 

NOSA: I second the Craft Gourmet option.  A shame most places aren't open on Monday because I think The Foundry is also another decent idea. 

Subject: Birthday lunch

Message: Hello, Pls I need help with suggestions for restaurants where I can have my 25th birthday lunch. Somewhere really pocket friendly.
Thank youyou.
— S.M

FOLLY: This is a list of our favorite pocket friendly spots in Lagos. 

Subject: Shrimp Taco hunt

Message: Hi,
Please where can I get really good shrimp tacos?
— D.G

FOLLY: I actually really liked the chicken and beef tacos I had at Bottles last week and they also have a shrimp option. 

NOSA: 355 has a nice shrimp quesadilla so I'll assume their taco is nice 

Subject: Curious!

Message: Hi there! Heard of a place called emperor’s place (or palace, im not even so sure anymore). Wanted to find out how good they are? Thanks!
— C.F

FOLLY: Sorry, I've never heard of that place. 

NOSA: I have, but I've never tried to food. Went there for a work thing. Nice space though