An #EatDrinkFestival Postmortem

NOSA: Oh, man. 

I have no words.

Actually, that’s a lie. I have a lot of words. 

Yesterday, was without a doubt our greatest moment since we started this blog. We’ve had some good moments, but nothing can top yesterday. That was absolutely amazing. 

Eat.Drink.Festival started from silly chat at one Mente Da Moda where Folly had a stall. I was looking at the whole place and went, “Imagine a whole thing like this but for food”. It was just our regular banter. Nothing serious. 

See, we always wanted to do our own restaurant week but not a food festival. Food festival never even crossed our mind at all. I might still do a restaurant week though. Not giving up on that dream.

We did this thing expecting 250 people at most. In fact, I expected 150. If each vendor got 5 friends + family and our Lunch Club faves came through, we’d get 150 easy so everything I did was based on that. From printing physical copies of the maps to buying water. The guy that runs was convinced we had 2000 people in there yesterday. Our front desk guys (aka the absolute best guys) put more at shade over 1000.

FOLLY: I was incredibly worried on Saturday because I still had flyers in my car that I hadn't distributed.

NOSA: I distributed all of mine, unlike my friend here

FOLLY: I was scared that it'll be my fault because I didn't distribute ALL my flyers if not enough people came. 

NOSA: In the first two hours, I think we doubled our expected turnout. We ran out of maps TWICE. Like, the first batch went out. A friend went to print more and the second batch ran out in like 30 mins. The turnout was absolutely unbelievable. I mean, we shut down Bourdillon ffs. My big cousin came through at the height of the madness and now he’s convinced I’ve been telling lies about EDL being a small thing. 

Heels In The Kitchen came in 3/4 hours late because of the fuel scarcity. When she got in, she sold out in 30 mins. Like, no food at all. Nada. Zilch. All gone.

FOLLY: This was funny cause I was talking to Imoteda (Heels in the Kitchen) afterwards and she felt like she dulled herself because she could have made more food to sell but she was being conservative based on what we told her and her prior experiences. I also chatted with Cocktailville & Chops - he sold everything he brought, went to get more supplies and still sold those out again. stand was an absolute madness - he was replenishing supplies so much that he bought all the cranberry juice at that supermarket on Bourdillon Road.  

NOSA: We should have told the vendors to cook more. But I’ll be very honest, a lot of things in Lagos are a “wash” and I’d like Eat.Drink.Lagos not to be part of that. When the vendors asked, we gave straight up answers. Maybe we were naive with the planning, we should have expected more. Everything we did was along the lines of “we’re a small niche blog, let’s not overestimate our hands”. We didn’t even do the typical Bella Naija “event coverage”.

FOLLY: The highlight of it for me was when vendors started telling me that they were running out of food and needed to replenish. Now don't get this wrong, it's not that I wanted people to say that "omg eat.drink.festival food was sold out", it was because I wanted it to be worth it for every single one of our vendors. I'd have been so crushed if the vendors felt as though they had wasted their time and resources on food that no one bought, that then had to be thrown out.

NOSA: A big big thank you to everyone that came. I’m really happy you all got to enjoy it and that some of you even got to bump into the Yoruba boy that broke your heart in JSS3. 

FOLLY: Yes, thank you all for coming and also to friends and family that helped us out. You've made my year. The turnout was overwhelming and I still can't believe it. My parents came by and they told me they had no idea that all the cars and people they saw on the road were at the festival. 

Big thank you to the sponsors - MODÉ,, Fat BastardCulture CustodianNothing To Do In Lagos, UberSupermart.ngPulse. Thank you for taking a chance with us. 

NOSA: Special shout out to Culture Custodian was killing it on our Snapchat. We downloaded it just in case you don’t have Snapchat or don’t follow us (we're eatdrinklagos on Snapchat btw). And Mr. Rotimi, our electrician, is the greatest. Absolute greatest.

Last thing, please and please, if you have any suggestions on how we can improve on yesterday, drop a line in the comments and answer our little poll below. We’ll absolutely appreciate it. 

So how many times a year should we do this