Healthy Eating Is Now Cool

Eat Clean Cafe

Park Place Mall, 12E Admiralty Way, Lekki One, Lagos

0908 082 9999

FOLLY: Fitfam is the new fad in Lagos and maybe even in Nigeria as a whole. Everyone is trying to make oil less stew or eat wheat instead of eba (smh). Generally, this is a good thing but of course, it all goes out of the window in matters of small chops. I'll be damned if anyone tries to make small chops fit fam approved. Something must kill a man and samosa is a good way to go, please. 

NOSA: Funny enough, the Eat Green Company had healthy small chops, which we never got to try out because the chef made regular small chops despite regular small chops not being on the menu. Anyway, they’re rebranded so hopefully that’s changed.

FOLLY: The space, although tiny, is quite cute.

NOSA: It’s not going to fit your party of 20, but trust me, it’s an adorable space.

FOLLY: They also have an open kitchen which some of the owner's friends try to poke their hands through. The chef couldn't take it anymore so while we were there, he used a menu and taped shut those two square windows in the picture below.

eat clean cafe lagos

NOSA: I keep telling whoever will listen, if your friend owns a restaurant/bar/whatever, don’t go in the kitchen because the owner is your “guy”. It’s not sanitary, for starters, and it’s just so weird. That’s the main reason I’m never going back to BLD. One of the owner’s friends casually walked into get his food from the kitchen, as per “it’s my house too”.

FOLLY: They don't have traditional starters on their menu (they have soup) so we skipped that and went straight for the main course. I had the Chicken Quarters with a side of Sweet Potato Mash. Nosa also had the same side but with Beef Ribs.

NOSA: The options seem a bit limited for some reason. The menu is 2-pages long but it still felt a little limited. I really can’t explain. You might have to go see it for yourself.

FOLLY: The food took an awfully long time to arrive which was disappointing. My friend who joined us, in fact, never got her meal. 

NOSA: I got a smoothie to kill time. Probably the only good idea I had at Eat Clean Café. The smoothie was near perfect if you exclude the weird whipped cream they put on it. 

berry blast smoothie eat clean cafe

FOLLY: Only the best fruit ever (Oranges) for me so I had a glass of freshly squeezed OJ. 


NOSA: The beef ribs weren’t the best. The beef itself was too tough and there was little to no flavor. I get we’re trying to be healthy, but marinating never hurt. The beef ribs are way too stressful to eat and should be taken off the menu.

eat clean cafe lekki.jpg

FOLLY: This was my first time having sweet potato mash with yellow sweet potatoes and it was really really really good. That's three really’s to emphasize how good it was. 

NOSA: The beef ribs were a bad idea on my part. Normal Nosa would never visit off the strength of this experience, but this one is my fault. The sweet potato mash was absolutely excellent. The consistency was just perfect.


 FOLLY: I usually stay away from ordering chicken at restaurants on account of how dry it usually comes out but not this one. I was very impressed. 

eat clean cafe.jpg

NOSA: The chicken is what I should have ordered. I had some of Folly’s and it was pretty damn good. 


FOLLY: I wasn't really full after this meal so I think next time, I'll pay for an extra side. One side is included with your choice of "protein"

NOSA: I thought Eat Clean Café was decent enough to warrant a revisit, but our friend thinks they’re a bit shit. She didn’t get her food so that’s fair. 




Beef RIbs- N3500

Berry Blast - N1500

Orange Juice - N700

Chicken Thighs - N3000




There's a lot.