Lekki Is Getting Healthier Too

Earth Blend Juice Lab

21B Fola Osibo Road, Lekki Phase One

01 293 2618

NOSA: Ikoyi got in shape so it was only right that Lekki followed suit.

FOLLY: The newest place in Ikoyi is Nuli Juice Lounge. Everyone was going there and Lekki didn't like being left out his feelings were hurt so he got his own juice bar too. Meet Earth Blend.

Disclaimer: Earthblend opened before Nuli but I like my version of the story better. 


FOLLY: There's not much to review at Earth Blend but we still wanted to check it out.

NOSA: This isn't a review per se. More of a "Hey! This place exists" because you really can't "review" a juice bar. 

FOLLY: Their space is so beautiful. Their menu chalkboard, while a bit haphazard to read initially, is colorful and different. 

NOSA: The person who wrote on the board clearly didn't take those writing classes in nursery school. 


FOLLY: Nosa had The Truth (strawberry, mango, apple and pineapple); while I had the The Holiday (coconut, banana, pineapple). 

NOSA: My smoothie was really really "fibrous". That has to mean it's healthy, right?


FOLLY: The dominant flavor in mine was the banana but you could taste the graininess of the coconut all through it. This i kinda great cause it showed that they made fresh coconut milk instead of using the canned version. 

NOSA: Tasted like a holiday too.



FOLLY: If you're in Lekki and on a health kick, Earth Blend is definitely for you. 

NOSA: You should definitely swing by. At the very least, you'll take some amazing instagram pictures.



The Truth - N1500

The Holiday - N1200



It's in one of those Lekki "shopping malls", so there's parking.