Persistence Is Not Cute

Dough Nigeria

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NOSA: I remember Folly showing me the Instagram account. We really felt like we had uncovered some hidden gem or something. I was so pumped about these donuts until I actually tried to order some.

She was so hard to contact.

I called multiple times. Sent text messages. I even emailed her one time. No response at all. There was this one time Folly was having a terrible week and I wanted to surprise her with donuts. Guess who didn’t pick up the phone? Dough Nigeria. 

FOLLY: I'm not exaggerating when I say we've been trying to order for a month. Some of our followers even noticed that we were always liking donut pictures. 

NOSA: It wasn't just me either, a lot of people on Instagram had similar issues.

In fact, I texted an order on Saturday and she still hasn’t responded to confirm my order. 

Ordering from Dough Nigeria has been like chasing a babe that’s not interested in you. I mean, I followed the instructions, no?

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FOLLY: At the end of it all, Nosa was unsuccessful in ordering and I was the one who was able to get them to take my order. I really hate it when I feel like I'm begging someone to let me pay them. 

Salted Caramel

NOSA: The “glaze” was better than the actual donut.  As a whole, it’s not bad and in retrospect, it might be the best of the bunch we got. 

FOLLY: The glaze/topping on this was pretty darn good. The actual donut was a cake donut which isn't what I prefer. Cake donuts are denser (and make you feel full quicker) than a regular ass yeast donut. You can read all about the different donut types here


Oreo Cookie Crunch

NOSA: This thing is actually like a janded Mr. Biggs donut.

FOLLY: This donut was a flop. I think they ran out of Oreos and just used whatever type of cookies they had. 



NOSA: Nopes. Not for me.

FOLLY: I didn't see a difference between this and the red velvet donut.

Red Velvet

NOSA: I thought this would be an actual red velvet donut and not a regular glazed donut with red velvet bites on it. 

FOLLY: See previous comment on cheesecake.


NOSA: Had such high hopes for this one. Thought it would be my favorite. Saved it for last like I save my samosa in a small chops pack. Pure disappointment.

FOLLY: I preferred this to the Red Velvet/Cheesecake. It was basically chocolate with desiccated coconut on it. The real issue with this donut was the quality of the melted chocolate that was smeared on the donut. 


NOSA: The donuts are pretty decent, but it’s not worth the stress or delivery charge for me. I really want this to be a hit because Lagos needs a proper donut shop, but the poor communication has put me off. 

FOLLY: I know this review isn't a glowing recommendation, but I really want you guys to try them out and let me know if you enjoyed it.

Or if you've ordered from Dough Nigeria before, was your experience positive?



Box of 6 - N2500

Delivery - N1000