Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos 108: Lagos Sushi Power Rankings

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Subject: Sushi!

Message: Hi guys,
Hope you’re having a lovely day
I really want to take someone out to try sushi. He’s never had it but I love sushi so I want it to be somewhere good where we can get quality and quantity to match the price but please nowhere overly pricy.
— Sefina

Sushi is expensive everywhere, so what we'll do instead is let you in on our sushi power rankings

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Subject: 5th Wedding Anniversary

Message: Hello,

Please I need a location for an anniversary dinner preferably buffet within Lagos. Budget is 7k per person. Your prompt response will be highly appreciated. Thanks
— Rennie Kamaris

Hotel Bon Voyage is the only one that we think fits your budget. If you're looking for more, you can check out our Buffet Guide

Subject: Dinner Date Location

Message: Hi,

Please I’ll appreciate if I can get suggestions for dinner date locations on a Monday. Backyard Place, RSVP & Sugarcane (close by 9) are all unavailable today.

— IO

Monday is tough restaurant-wise in Lagos. But your best bet is one of the hotels. Hotels have to be open on Monday and therefore, their restaurants have to be as well. Of the lot, 1415 (Eko Hotel) is the best one.


Subject: Nice, affordable restaurant on the Island suitable for our 3rd wedding anniversary dinner

Message: Hello,

I love your blog. However, in this case I’ve not been able to find a definite pointer to a suitable restaurant for myself and hubby to have our 3rd year wedding anniversary dinner. The anniversary is on a Wednesday, we will both be at work for the better part of the day; looking for somewhere quiet accompanied with good food to have dinner before heading home.
N.B: I’m currently pregnant and I’ll prefer our spicy Nigerian food in order not to mess up the night:). My hubby on the other hand is very adventurous with food, so a nice restaurant with a fusion of Nigerian and Intercontinental cuisine will be quite welcome. Budget: Middle, working class friendly.
— Jay Abi

Sao Cafe in Lekki should work for what you describe.


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