Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos 107: Dinner For Forty

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Welcome back to Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos, our Lagos dining (and sometimes, life) advice column. As usual, for the simpler questions, ask the bot. But, for life's tougher questions, you're more than welcome to email us.

Subject: Dinner venue

Message: Hello guys, my classmates and i have been looking for a restaurant to have our YBC dinner in. The deal is, we are final year students graduating soon, so want to have our dinner night but we haven’t found a suitable restaurant. We are about 40 in number. I dunno if you could help us out. Our budget is about 320000 for all 40 of us
— Dayo Ade

Try one of the big Chinese restaurants - Oriental, Pearl Garden or RED. They usually have the space and can fit you for a prix fixe for 8k/head.

If you're willing to up the budget a little bit more, you can take advantage of Restaurant Week and finesse Hard Rock.

Subject: Suggestion

Message: Hi. i am an avid follower of eat drink Lagos. i love what you guys do. it makes my life a lot easier. i would like to suggest you have an App that anyone could easily access. you must have thought about it *obvi*.....its a tad bit challenging when i have to visit the website all the time and scroll my life away to view the restaurant’s review. plus my stupid phone wiped more than half of my “places to visit” list (based on your review) and i have just 17 left. -______- ................. Anywho the App would go a long long way for folks like moi, i like trying new places and i hate it when i eat at basic places with bleh reviews. i am tired of eating Jollof rice and chicken. Lastly i’m surrounded by people who ask me where to eat all the time. “sigh”..,i hope my suggestion is considered.
Thank you

P.s. please ignore the informal tone/words used. This female is frustrated. ;(
— TO

A couple of people have suggested it, but an Eat.Drink.Lagos app, in its current form, will just be a regurgitation of the blog. From our research, apps that operate that way almost always fail. That's why your big blogs don't go building apps because it's an expensive project. We'd like an app, but there needs to be more to it than just an app for you to find our reviews.

For your case, we have a couple of workarounds:

  1. Spots
  2. EDL Rating
  3. Bot

Message: Hi,

So ive been reading your reviews and i think i can trust your i want to take this girl i like to a nice place for budget is 20k....where on the island can i take her.......???? If i could get 5 suggestions

And its Tomorrowwww....i havent taken a lady out in a minute...Help a brother out......

— KO
Craft Gourmet's take on the Full English

Craft Gourmet's take on the Full English

If you're looking for a buffet, you can check out our Buffet Guide

Otherwise, you can try one the following places;

  1. La Brioche
  2. NOK
  3. Crust & Cream
  4. Craft Gourmet
Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 9.05.32 AM.png
Subject: Birthday dinner for sis

Message: Hi guys so we want to do a birthday dinner for my sister. Please do you have any where you can recommend . Budget is 100-120k for about 10 people
— Sam Johnstone

The bot is really great at dealing questions like this. The bot's recommendations are:

  1. 1415
  2. Crossroads
  3. Shiro
  4. RSVP
  5. Utopia
Subject: Inquiry

Message: Good day guys...would like to know the best sharwama place in lagos...mainland and island of possible...all iv been doin is 01 sharwama need to try somewhere new...thanx
— DO

Mainland - Best Shawarma

Island - Shawarma & Co or Meat Up Cafe

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