American-Style BBQ In Lagos

Denise Renee's

Centro Mall, Block 69, Plot 15 Admiralty Way, Lekki 1, Lagos.

FOLLY: So this place is where the Orchard used to be at the Centro Mall. It feels funny because if you're sitting on the outdoor patio you can see the Orchard's new space on the other side of the road.

Hopefully, Orchard wasn't forced out because then it might be awkward for them to see Denise Renee's so cozy in their old digs. It's like when you and your ex have both moved on but you really wished he didn't find happiness so soon after leaving you.

NOSA: Yeah, that's weird. 

FOLLY: This past weekend, Nosa and I decided to catch up with some friends over dinner at Denise Renee's.

NOSA: We've been eyeing this spot for quite some time now. I have a friend that worked at the Grey Velvet and I was going to tell her to check it out first but I forgot. 

FOLLY: Nosa was running a bit late and we were hungry, so we decided to get the 2 piece chicken to start. They aren't any "starters" on the menu here so bear in mind this was a full sized meal that we were using as a starter.

I didn't get a picture because #hunger but it was delish. One of the pieces wasn't cooked through and we told the waitress, they quickly apologized and fixed it. I think this was why they took N800 off our bill at the end.

denise renees lekki.jpg

FOLLY: I had the BBQ 1 Way Combo and Nosa had the BBQ 2 Way Combo. What that means was that I could choose one meat and one side, while Nosa could choose two meats and two sides. I went with pork ribs and macaroni salad.

NOSA: I originally got the ribs and brisket with potato salad and the macaroni salad, but for some reason, when it got to my turn they were out of everything. I had to settle for the ribs + chicken + beans + coleslaw.



FOLLY: The ribs are very un-photogenic but that could be a factor of the plating as well as the actual dinnerware (i.e. plates) that were used.

NOSA: The ribs weren't the most tender, but a lot more tender than most places in Lagos. After Urban Fuxion and Ginger Tapas, these are right there. The chicken was pretty fantastic though. Loved the hell out of the BBQ sauce on it. 


FOLLY: I agree, I've had much tender-er at Urban Fuxion. I got a tiny portion of macaroni salad as you can see, which was disappointing because I really really liked this. The waitress, however, brought me a plate of fries randomly later because I was entitled to two sides too. I didn't even bother ask if she was sure (because the menu said differently), I just wolfed down the fries before she could ask for them back lol. No, not really, I didn't eat it quickly because I thought she was going to come get them back.

NOSA: The waitress wasn't the best if I'm being completely honest. Whenever waitstaff insist on not taking notes, they almost always fuck up your order. I don't even know why they do it.

FOLLY: I begged her to take notes but she didn't listen to me. I might start writing down our order and handing it to the waitstaff.

NOSA: The owner was really sweet though. My food took FOREVER to get ready. Everyone was done by the time I got mine, but she came over to apologize for all the issues and said the waitstaff still needed some time to get up to speed. 

FOLLY: The fries tasted like fish. I'm going to assume that was because my friend got fish and you know, maybe the oil mixed. The fries we had with our "starter chicken" didn't taste fishy though as those were before he ordered the fish.

FOLLY: Nosa's BBQ beans were absolutely delicious, think baked beans with a sweet and spicy barbeque sauce.

NOSA: The BBQ Beans were so so good. It had little chunks of beef in it too. Amazing.

FOLLY: They were actually amazing.

NOSA: They had the coleslaw with vinegar in it. Never liked that one. Give me my Nigerian coleslaw any day abeg. 

FOLLY: Where it really got interesting was when the bill came. They didn't have a drinks menu so the waitress just asked us to tell her what we want. It's our fault though because we didn't ask the price before ordering, but then we ordered Orijin so how EXPENSIVE can Orijin really be? Well, we found out after that Orijin can cost as much as N1,200/can, my friend's Guinness was N1250 and a shot of American Honey was N1500.

NOSA: I didn't notice any of this. I just got out of work and I was hungry as shit. The price thing didn't click until I got home.

FOLLY: But then again, I SHOULD have known because when I first arrived and was waiting for Nosa, I asked what drinks they had and the waitress said Chapman, I asked "how much?", to which she responded N1500 so I told her don't worry.

To be honest, I've paid N1500 for a Chapman before and that was at Eko Hotel and it was massive, and it was also at Eko Hotel.


FOLLY: The rude shock of the bill aside, this place was good. It's however, too expensive for what they're serving so I probably would just stick to Urban Fuxion or BBQ & Cravings because both are way more bang for buck.

NOSA: I actually didn't even notice the price. I was too hungry for that. 

FOLLY: That said, what Denise Renee's has on BBQ & Cravings or Urban Fuxion is variety in the side options.

NOSA: This might be the first American-style BBQ place in Lagos. The other places that claim to be are really just liars and nothing more than "Nigerian grills" spots. So yeah, I'll be back because I really want to try that brisket.



Fried Chicken (2pc) - N3500

BBQ 2 Way Combo - N5500

BBQ 1 Way Combo - N4500

Orijin - N1200



Yeah, there's ample parking.