BBQ & Cravings Gets You as Close to Chipotle Without a Visa

FOLLY: This is a review but not really a review at the same time. We noticed that BBQ & Cravings introduced a new brand, Dante's, and we were particularly interested so we hurried to check it out.

NOSA: For now, Dante's is strictly burrito bowls, but I suspect the menu will expand with time. I really like what Olumide, the owner, is doing with his business. I hate that it's all in the same space, but I respect it because rent in Lagos is too damn high. From his constant experimentation to careful execution, it is easy to see why Olumide is running one of the best restaurants in Lagos. We may have some philosophical differences on BBQ, but I can't deny the man's passion.


FOLLY: Burrito bowls are no strangers to this blog, in fact, it was a burrito bowl that never materialized that instigated the now infamous #SugarcaneSaga.


FOLLY: BBQ & Cravings has adopted a build your own model to their burrito bowls. To order, first, you choose your meat from a list of 4 options. Next, you select as many veggies as you'd like from another list. This list includes lettuce, corn, tomatoes, carrots, cheese, bacon to name a few. Lastly, you then have a choice of mild or hot salsa. 

NOSA: Guacamole would be clutch, but baby steps.

FOLLY: Nosa went with steak, and I with chicken, but we both selected all the veggies including bacon and cheese for which there is an extra charge. 

NOSA: The cheese isn't really worth the extra charge because it bring nothing to the table as far as flavor goes, but if youre a Fatty McFatterson, you can get it.


FOLLY: I wish we had stayed to dine in at BBQ & Cravings because this is served in a modest brown bowl when you eat-in, as opposed to the foil take away pack which isn't very pretty to photograph.

I'd suggest that to preserve the integrity of this dish, however, BBQ & Cravings consider using clear salad bowls for takeaway orders. 

NOSA: Or those recyclable bowls that Chipotle uses for takeout for the full effect


FOLLY: I liked it the burrito bowl. Of course, I had to as all the ingredients in there were of my choosing, and if I'd preferred to exclude an item I could have done so at the order stage.

NOSA: I really liked the burrito bowl too. The steak was seasoned to perfection and while the carrots were a bit of an awkward fit, the whole thing still worked.

FOLLY: Yeah, I'd personally lose the carrots when choosing the veggies because I didn't appreciate the crunch. 

NOSA: There aren't many places with burrito bowls in Lagos, but Dante's is easily head and shoulders above them.

If Dante's ever wants to expand to burritos, Delis has the hookup with tortillas.

FOLLY: I do think cheddar/Monterey jack would be better cheese options than parmesan in here. I'd also have preferred a heavier hand with the spices on the chicken. 

NOSA: Guacamole, again.


FOLLY: BBQ & Cravings nailed it with this one. I do wonder why they left out guacamole and sour cream from the list of toppings, but it might have been for cost/pricing reasons. 

NOSA: This was so so good. On the BBQ & Cravings instagram, they say this is for everyone who misses Chipotle.




Bacon Bits - N500

Burrito Bowl - N2500

Parmesan Cheese - N300



Dedicated street parking available.