The Best Thing I Ate Since...


12724 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

01 277 2700

FOLLY: Last night I had the best meal I have had in Lagos since I went to 1415 for Nosa's birthday back in February. Listen, I had so much gladness in my heart. 

NOSA: She's not even exaggerating. She liked it so much that she bumped the post we were originally supposed to put up today.

FOLLY: We found Crossroads in August when we were "touring" Eko Hotel for a Lunch Club restaurant. Yes, touring because we popped into three of their restaurants that day. Then, one of the managers wanted to show us the new restaurant that was opening soon - Crossroads. He also told us they will be testing their menu with free food and drinks that evening. 

NOSA: The free tapas deal was supposed to last till their official launch next month LOL. Man must have underestimated how much Nigerians love awoof.


Anyway, we got the Chips & Guacamole to start.

Now, these are real chips. Not whatever it is Bottles claims to serve. No shade. The guacamole was fire too.

So far, so good. I really wanted to test their skills so for my main, I ordered the Chicken Burrito

Passed the eyeball test easily. 

Taste test too. I really liked it. Let me put my burrito snob hat on for a second. The burrito is Cali Mexican good, but not Texas Mexican good. That's not a bad thing though because you won't find Mexican food as good as the spots in Texas. Maybe in Mexico, but Texas and Mexico are more or less the same thing at this point. Ask Donald Trump.

What really blew me was the fact they had actual refried beans in thing.

FOLLY: I have no idea what refried beans are

NOSA: When I got a burrito from Bungalows, the rice was on the side and it had no beans so this one impressed me.

FOLLY: I have been craving fish tacos since one Instagram model I went to college with posted mahi-mahi tacos with the caption "pool side in Vegas" on Instagram. Her Instagram is the biggest wash but I will never unfollow her because I'm so sure she's going to become a basketball wife and protect her Instagram. Listen, she already hangs out with some of them, and she recently she got a boob-job and deleted all her pre pictures. Can't fool me though because we sat next to each other for a whole term in Sociology of Law, flourish sha.

Huge segue aside, I had to get the Tacos Baja (Fish Tacos) when I saw it on the menu here. 

Crossroads Fish Taco.jpg

NOSA: These were REALLY good. 

FOLLY: There's not really much I can say about the fish tacos that the word perfect doesn't describe. The fish was gently battered and fried, and was so flaky. I also got a side of spicy coleslaw which was also really good.

It had a spicy kick and also had hints of pineapple in it.

NOSA: I hate every type of fruit, but even I appreciated the pineapple in the slaw. 

FOLLY: When I say spicy, I don't mean asun peppery oh, the fire was very very small. 


Duh! We couldn't review a mexican place without getting a margarita. I got the classic one and not one of the other fancy ones (next time though) as I really wasn't interested in drinking and just wanted to do a taste test. 

I liked the margarita, it wasn't overly strong like the first one I had here when they weren't fully open yet. It really reminded me of the margaritas at Guadalajara - the dingiest Mexican restaurant that I ever knew. 

NOSA: Oh, they have a Coronita, but with Star instead. A Star-rita perhaps. I have to check it out next time I'm here.

Beer Margarita



FOLLY: I love the space at Crossroads. It is a large hollow rectangle and the bartenders are all in the centre. Nosa's panoramas kept getting messed up so you really have to rely on your imagination or go there yourself. 

NOSA: Finally we have a decent Tex-Mex spot in Lagos. FINALLY. Not like I haven't been crying out for it anything. The cocktails are a bit on the pricey side so I can't really OD in that regard, but the food is decently priced. I'll definitely be here again. I'll probably come here solo a lot. 

FOLLY: Solo rocks is highly frowned upon by me. 



Frozen Classic Margarita - N2000

Guacamole - N2000

Grilled Chicken Burrito - N2800

Baja Tacos - N2800