Craft Gourmet For Brunch

Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker

3rd Floor, Mega Plaza, Idowu Martins Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

0703 265 2069

NOSA: It took some time, but Craft Gourmet is FINALLY open on Sunday's. It's at the expense of Monday, but I'm sure we can all live with that. We've already accepted restaurants don't open on Monday anyway. 

FOLLY: Mondays are basically restaurant owner's Sundays i.e. most people take it easy on Sundays and eat out instead of cooking at home.

An unfortunate camera incident caused us to lose our nice pictures. Nosa had these on his phone luckily and I'll update this post if my photo recovery is successful.  

NOSA: In addition to the new opening time, there have also been a couple tweaks to the menu too. For instance, our starter, the Hummus with Meat, is a very welcome addition. 

spread craft gourmet.jpg

The meat isn't ground beef like everywhere else, but rather little beef cubes. Folly didn't care too much for it, but I really liked it and I thought it was a nice touch. It gives hummus this faux fancy vibe. 


FOLLY: Definitely can feel faux fancy when there are mimosas to accompany it. However, it's not that I didn't care much for it, I just prefer the minced meat. It may be the more pedestrian choice but I prefer it cause it's easier to chew and that's not because I have old people teeth. 

NOSA: The hummus at BL Restaurant shades it a little bit for me. It's very close, but the thickness of the one at BL wins it for me. 

FOLLY: I agree. Also, price wise BL's hummus is slightly cheaper than Craft Gourmet's. 

NOSA: For my main, I got another new addition to the menu: the Chicken & Waffles

Chicken waffles.jpg

FOLLY: Snuck into Craft Gourmet last week and had this when I met up with one of my friends for lunch. He's still salty. This time, I stuck to an old faithful, the Scrambled Eggs x Bacon x Pancakes combo

NOSA: The waffles are so so good. I really appreciate the fact they went with regular waffles (well, not too regular, there's cinnamon in this one) over the Belgian waffle because the Belgian ones don't work too well with chicken. 


FOLLY: Initially you think why is it brown, could it be whole wheat or some other healthy take on waffles but when you taste it you kinda understand the colouring comes from the added cinnamon spice. 

NOSA: The real appeal of Chicken & Waffles is how the flavour profile is an interesting juxtaposition of sweet and savoury. With the Craft Gourmet iteration, the chicken is a bit passive. It's delicious, but it could be so much more. The chicken feels overwhelmed by the waffle in a way. It's like when the most popular girl in school starts dating the shy kid in her class.  If we could just a little bit more personality from the chicken, we're on to a winner. 


FOLLY: Speaking of winners, we've said this on Twitter, but the pancakes at Craft Gourmet at the best in Lagos, argue in your house, please. Every time pancake day comes around, we're inundated with requests on where to have the best pancakes in Lagos, now I have an answer. Shame pancake day is gone for 2016, but in 2017 an EDL x Craft Gourmet Pancake Day special has to happen. 

giphy mimosa.gif
pink prosecco.gif

FOLLY: Oh, and to drink we had mimosas and the pink prosecco (prosecco tinted with hibiscus flowers). For each jug, we got about 4.5 pours which, I think, is a steal (N667 per glass). 


NOSA: Craft Gourmet is an important addition to the Lagos Sunday brunch scene. Very important to the culture.

FOLLY: I love that they have good food and drinks as well as a gorgeous space. You actually don't have to compromise on anything here, which is extremely rare in Lagos. 




Mimosa - N3000

Pink prosecco - N3000

Chicken & waffle - N3600

Hummus with meat - N3000

Scrambled egg x bacon x pancakes - N3200




Mega Plaza has the huge parking garage so you're sorted.