There's An Adorable New Restaurant In Mega Plaza

Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker

3rd Floor, Mega Plaza, Idowu Martins Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

0703 265 2069

NOSA: I've been planning to check out Craft Gourmet for the blog for a while now. Ever since I had breakfast there, not too long ago, I knew I had to go back. Unfortunately, I went solo and Folly wasn't too pleased so she placed an embargo on the place for a bit.

FOLLY: You do what you want when you poppin'

NOSA: In the spirit of Easter, she lifted the embargo and we finally checked it out with 2 friends. 

NOSA: The first thing that really stands out about Craft Gourmet is how beautiful the space is. It's absolutely gorgeous. Natural light everywhere and whatnot. It's a food blogger's dream to be honest. If it wasn't so creepy, we'd have gotten more pictures of the space. I recorded a little video, on snapchat, of it. 

FOLLY: I love the minimalistic use of colours - grey, white and black. Even the servers' uniforms compiment the decor. I also love the mirrors and huge windows. One of my friends commented that it was too nice to be in Mega Plaza. 

NOSA: To start we had the Hummus with Spicy Chili Oil. According to the owner, this is her new recipe. She noticed how spicy the Nigerian palate is and decided to give her hummus a little twist. 

FOLLY: The spicy chili oil is not as spicy as you'd imagine but it definitely compliments the hummus base extremely well. The hummus itself was really thick, imagine it like all the other iterations you've previously had were watered down.

NOSA: I was definitely a fan. Syrian Club's is still my favorite but this comes pretty close. Loved the crostini it came with as well.

FOLLY: I also really liked the crostinis and it was my first time ever having it. Crostinis are just thinly sliced pieces of bread that have been spiced and baked again. 

NOSA: For our mains, I had the Chicken Fajita Wrap, while Folly had the Pulled Lamb Burger. 

NOSA: I really liked my wrap, but then again, I'm very easy to please if you don't serve me stale avocados. It had this funky taste that I couldn't quite place my finger on. I need to try it again and ask about it. 

FOLLY: I forgot to tell them to hold the relish on my burger so I had to scrape that out, otherwise the burger was solid. 

It was a bit cool but I don't know if it arrived that way, or if it was because I left it sitting for a while while I got snap happy. It can take up to 5 minutes for me to get pictures that I like. 


FOLLY: The pulled lamb isn't spicy or anything so if you're looking for something spicy this is NOT it.

Don't come and complain to me that you ordered it and it was bland. Be like Nosa and ask for extra jalapenos if that's what you're after.

NOSA: The cheese on my tortilla chips had gone a bit flat, however. Wasn't the freshest, which was bit disappointing because they had proper tortilla chips. 

FOLLY: Nosa will tell you that my fries were soggy but it's no secret that I like soft fries. These were even more awesome because they were both skin on and hand cut. 

NOSA: Craft Gourmet is run by the most adorable couple ever. Like, even more than Nahi & Maya at RSVP. These guys are the absolute nicest. One of our friends particularly didn't like her meal and they made sure they sorted her out. Walked her through the process and shit.


NOSA: So far, I'm 2-for-2 at Craft Gourmet so they definitely get my approval. The service is superb. The waiter, like, actually knew his stuff. 

FOLLY: Everyone right from the owners down to the waiters was an absolute delight.

NOSA: Our friends weren't too pleased with their initial mains, but the owners were nice enough to switch them out. Apparently, the shakshouka is really good. 



Chicken Fajita Wrap - N3600

Pulled Lamb Burger - N4500

Housemade Spicy Hummus - N1700



Mega Plaza has the huge parking garage so you're sorted.