A Shambles of a Meal

This restaurant has closed down

Coral Blue Seafood Restaurant

1 Adeyemo Alakija Street. Victoria Island, Lagos.

0803 668 34340705 679 3388.

FOLLY: *cue infomercial voice*

Is your office canteen rice too oily?

Do you not want to make small talk with your coworkers? 

Is VI traffic a disaster around lunch time?

Did you answer "yes" to those three questions? Then you need to use Uber, at least that's what Nosa and I did when we went to Coral Blue, and thankfully too cause boy was the traffic a mess. 

No, this not a paid endorsement just our usual caring selves, helping you make better decisions. 

NOSA: smh

Anyway, we went to Coral Blue for lunch the other day and got one of their seafood platters.


NOSA: The prince prawn and mussels were pretty good. Really liked them. The fillet on the other hand was very bland. It had zero seasoning on it. 

FOLLY: The mussels had a creamy sauce on them that was a bit pedestrian, but I liked it. The prince prawn was also decent, salty at times, but still decent.

NOSA: Lol...pedestrian.


NOSA: The calamari was over battered and over fried. As terrible as the one at Cafe Royale. Cafe Royale gets a pass because they don't claim to be a seafood place. This was so unacceptable. 

FOLLY: The calamari was so greasy and had zero crunch. I just wanted to cry. 


NOSA: Now that I think about it, the mash might have been the best part of the meal. A bit sad because the mash tasted like pounded yam but with potatoes instead. The thing was ridiculously thick.

FOLLY: I didn't understand why they were so thick. I would have said it's because it came out of a box, but our food took forever to come on account of the mash according to our waiter so I think they were boiling the 'tatoes.

The bread rolls were the best part of the meal for me. 


NOSA: The service was a disaster. The waiters were inattentive and distant. They were all in one corner gisting with themselves. At some point, we were only ones on the restaurant floor. Very Otres-ian stuff. 

FOLLY: When we went to Mansilla, our waiter gave us minute by minute updates on the progress of our food e.g. your prawns will be out in 3 minutes. While I found it annoying at the time, I really missed that while we were at Coral Blue.

The only place I tolerate waiters not checking for me is at Pizze-Riah.


NOSA: This place is just a poor man's homeless friend's version of Ocean Basket. Don't do it. Reconsider. Read some literature on the subject. For a seafood place, this place is an absolute disaster.

FOLLY: It's a stone throw away from my office but I'll never do it again. Terrible waste of money. 


Funky Fish Platter (Prince Prawns, Chargrilled Fillet, Mussels, Fried Calamari) - N7000