Pub Brunches: Churchill Bar

Churchill Bar

4/6 Layi Yusuf Street, Lekki 1, Lagos

01 454 2345

NOSA: A "Pub Brunch" is like a "Hotel Brunch", but infinitely cheaper, a bit less fancier, and arguably better. For this episode, we checked Churchill Bar in Lekki.

FOLLY: Churchill is my new favourite place to eat in Lekki.  

We've always said on this blog that there's a dearth of good restaurants/places to eat in Lekki 1 but since then Road Chef, Urban Fuxion and Sao Cafe came along, and now we've also discovered Churchill. 

NOSA: I had no idea it was a pub tbh. When Oreka told us about it, I still thought it was some new restaurant in Lekki

FOLLY: What's funny is that we've always known of Churchill but thought it was in 'far Lekki' aka after the 3rd Roundabout, and never wanted to make the trip.

NOSA: When we were driving, I kept looking for for a sign or something, but nope, none. 


FOLLY: I almost didn't want to come to Churchill on this day, but as Nigerians like to say "God had other plans" because he led me here instead. I was set on going to Surulere but Nosa wasn't interested.

NOSA: One day, she'll tell you guys the rubbish thing she wanted to go do in Surulere.

FOLLY: Not today, but just know I like to be prepared. 


FOLLY: I started with this nameless smoothie because I wasn't interested in drinking water. I think the smoothie had pineapple, apple and banana in it. 

Heads up, Churchill has no drinks menu so you have you trust your waitress's memory of the fridge/store room. 

NOSA: I'll tell you this for free, if there's no drink menu at the bar, just order beer. Don't try any of that fancy stuff and fall your hand. Humbly ask for Star. 

FOLLY: For my meal, I chose the Full English Breakfast and Nosa had the 3 Egg Omelette. You see, Nosa would have preferred to have the Full English but since he didn't follow me to Surulere, I couldn't let him have it. 


NOSA: Negatives first, the hash browns were a little burnt as you can see.  The omelette was absolutely lovely, however. Wish they had sriracha because it would have been the perfect fit. For quite a bit less on the wallet, this omelette is better than the one you get at RSVP  brunch and you don't have to pay so much for the bacon on the side. 


FOLLY: Everything on my plate was perfect, with the exception of the hash browns which were a little charred as Nosa mentioned earlier. The bacon, mushrooms, eggs, and sausage were just awesome-sauce. 

NOSA: The sausage was very very good, like the cumberland one at Mansilla.


The sausage wasn't a hot dog, nor was the bacon goat meat. Sounds mad, but those two things actually happened at this one place and this other place

NOSA: The bacon was a little struggs. I'm a bacon expert, I know what I'm talking about.

FOLLY: He actually is. 


FOLLY: The last time I was this excited about finding a new restaurant was Crossroads.

NOSA: I really like this place. Compared to the other "pubs" in Lagos, the food is actually good and like the other pubs in Lagos, it's not expensive either. 

FOLLY: The breakfast at Churchill is all day so if you're craving a Full English in the evening in Lekki, these are your guys. 

NOSA: Speaking of evenings, like other Lagos "pubs", you will encounter ladies of the night at night. I mean, it has a huge expat crowd and it's in Lekki. If that's not your spec, don't go there in the evening. If it is, they offer rooms on request lol. 

FOLLY: I like to know things so I asked how much the rooms were. N18000, in case you were wondering too. 



Full English - N2500

Omelette - N2000

Side Bacon - N500

Smoothie - N900