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Subject: Dessert

Message: Hi,
I’m a huge dessert lover and I’m looking for somewhere I could stuff my face with cake (different kinds obviously) + wine
— FA

NOSA: I think that's what La Brioche is for. Never been, but from the messaging they give off, it sounds like it. Otherwise, you can "manage" Cafe Royale lol. Most dessert places don't have alcohol for some reason.

This is a business idea, y'know? 

FOLLY: Go to Hans & Rene at Radisson, then go to the Surface Bar at the Radisson Blu for drinks when you're done.  

Message: Hello

Where can one do buffet in Lagos on a Sunday? VI/ Ikoyi/ Lekki. Chinese and Local dishes.

— AA

NOSA: I don't know any strictly Chinese/Local buffets, but most of the big hotels usually have a Nigerian spread. Southern Sun is my pick of the bunch. 

FOLLY: I suspect Oriental may do a Chinese buffet, don't quote me on it though. 

Subject: Cielo restaurant, Oduduwa way, GRA Ikeja

Message: Hi, Loving your work....expensive I can imagine, but very helpful.
Have you guys heard of or been to the subject restaurant? I’m thinking of checking it out with my mum this weekend and I need a head’s up. Thanks.
— TF

NOSA: Sorry, we haven't tried Cielo yet. Real life hasn't given us some breathing space. It's on the to-do list though. 

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