Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XXXIII

Subject: Help!!!!

Message: Hey guys! Please can you recommend a place where I can hang out with my girlfriends? We will be doing more catching up than eating. I don’t know why I feel the need to tell you we are in our 30s and super fly:)...… we would really love ambience on a budget!
Thanks in advance!!!
— O.A

NOSA: RSVP Poolside has great ambiance and drinks, but it's expensive. Cafe Royale is much cheaper and the outdoor sitting is great to gist at, but the food is absolutely shit. A couple months ago, Posh Cafe would've been your best bet but they've packed up shop. You can check out Sao Cafe in Lekki, however, for a middle ground option.

FOLLY: Nosa's got this down pat, listen to him. 

Subject: Birthday ideas

Message: Hi Nosa and Folly! My boyfriend’s birthday is in a few weeks. We’ve been dating for almost a year and I want to do something special for him. His brithday falls on a weekday but I want somewhere romantic.
P.s Nosa & Folly I need birthday gift ideas. Can’t seem to think of anything right now. What do you recommend? I trust y’all. 😁
— L.A

NOSA: Get a reservation at Nok. The space is great for a romantic dinner and the food is pretty accessible. The portions are fine dining sized so be mindful of that, but it's a romantic dinner that shouldn't be a problem. Why is your boyfriend trying to eat to stupor on a date?

Gift ideas? Get him a pair of shoes or a decent timepiece. I'm not sure what your budget is but a Timex Weekender is always classy unless he's an Oil & Gas Big Boy (OGBB). In that case, get him a gaudy Rolex. 

FOLLY: The food at Nok is great and the cocktails are delicious so you can't go wrong with that. However, if something with a view is your idea of romantic and you like  Nigerian-Chinese food, go to RED.

Dear EDL team,
My siblings and I are looking for a nice restaurant to take my mom for her birthday. Can you please suggest somewhere nice we could go to? + maybe a cost estimates if that’s possible.

Thank you so much
— S

NOSA: Older Nigerians tend to like Chinese a lot, so try RED if you're looking for something fancy. There's Zen Garden, if you aren't. Now, if your mother is more adventurous than my mother, take her to Verandah. Their pasta is excellent. 

FOLLY: If you want Nigerian food, the interior of L'Afric is nicer than that of Yellow Chilli. And if she likes sea food, Ocean Basket isn't particularly fancy and management may try to convince you that Line Fish is a specie of it's own, however,  it's decent and is the best we have.

Subject: Steak out?

Message: I am new in lagos and I recently had this outrageously priced steak that tasted like horse meat(not that i know what horse meat tastes like).

Where is a decent place to get good priced, great tasting steak?
— T.C

NOSA: If it tasted like horse meat, then you got some good shit, no? That aside, RSVP has a great steak, it's the most expensive in Lagos for good reason. 1415 is not that far behind and Talindo is in with a good shout. Vellvett is like a "great value" option

Good priced steak is a myth. If you pay less than N8000 for a steak in Lagos, I'll bet you good money that it's trash.

FOLLY: I was going to say N6500 because that's Talindo's cheapest steak offering. Anything less than that is Suya, even our Twitter followers have told us.   

NOSA: Well, unless you're ordering it well done. If you're ordering it well done, it'll all taste like the same shade of struggle so might as well not blow the budget. 

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