Work Lunches: Chicken Republic

Chicken Republic

0803 901 2601

FOLLY: Before we really get into this, I have two facts, (okay maybe they are opinions) to state. 

1. Chicken Republic > KFC 

2. Chicken Republic meat pie is the best in Lagos.

NOSA: Eh, I don't know about that meatpie. 

chicken republic chicken

FOLLY: Although most of our work lunches posts have focused on companies without physical locations like Healthy Options by Ted or Daily Bread, we've had a number of people ask (especially on Twitter too) if we know any companies they can order from for lunch and pay without cash. 

With Chicken Republic, you can. They have this fancy schamcy website that allows you to order online and it sends the order to the closest Chicken Republic to you for delivery. 

So how does it work ?

Visit their website here It's kinda pretty eh ?


Then you choose what you want.

NOSA: But before you check out, since you guys are our favorites we talked to the good guys at ACE (Chicken Republic's delivery partner) and they gave us a coupon for N300 off orders for all our friends.

The code is 'EDL-Lunch', so enter that into the little discount code box in the bottom right and voila you're good to go. (The code is valid until the 18th of July)

FOLLY: Right after I ordered, I got a call to confirm my order and thankfully it was all correct. They also let me know they didn't have Sprite and didn't surprise me on delivery - also great. 

NOSA: The really neat part about it is that you can pay with your card on delivery. So you don't have to fight the dispatch guy when he doesn't have change. I've fought with many a dispatch rider over N100 change. They always try to change-shame you too. Like, "big man like you is crying over small change". I want my toll gate money abeg. 

FOLLY: My food got to me in 19 minutes, yes I actually counted. That's the real kicker here. At first, the POS was acting funny cause high-rise so we stepped into the lobby and it went. Phew.

NOSA: Took a bit longer for me. Like an hour-ish, but that's my fault. Surulere isn't one of the places they "officially" deliver to with their online service. I always put my address under Yaba. When they call, I'm like "Oh, it's in Surulere". Cheating the system in a way.

FOLLY: This service is also available in Abuja and Port-Harcourt, so out-of-state readers, you guys can also use our code!

chicken republic jollof rice

FOLLY: I ordered the Jollof Rice with Fried Chicken cause I was being cheap, when I'm not I get the rice with 1/4 grilled chicken. I think the Jollof rice at Chicken Republic is pretty good. I usually don't like really peppery food, but somehow I like this. It's probably not spicy to most people but I definitely start sniffing when I'm eating this. 

NOSA: I got the Chickwizz aka the best sandwich in the game. 

chick wiz chicken republic

People like fronting on this, but the Chickwizz is a top 5 sandwich in Lagos.

FOLLY: I don't know any one that fronts on Chickwizz cause it really is the best. 

NOSA: Only RSVP's Steak Sandwich is superior. For N650,  it's probably the best thing out naira-for-naira. It's unbelievably impressive how good it is because it's Fast Food thing. The quality never drops off from branch to branch. Like they all go to the same Chickwizz school.

If you're proper greedy, like I usually am, get the Double Chickwizz.

chick wiz chicken republic sandwich

FOLLY: So on the meat pie, I actually sit at work in the mornings, and crave CR meat pie. The filling is actually quality, and I don't get those random fatty bits that you find in most meat pies. And then the crust is also very nice. It's warm and flaky, never cold and dense.

NOSA: Caffe Tranche has a arguably a better meatpie for N50 less.

FOLLY: Sure, it costs N300 which is "expensive" for a meat pie. But Mr. Biggs meat pie, which you people have made the standard, is N250 and is also scraps. So yeah, I'd gladly pay N50 as a premium 


NOSA: Chickwizz all day, every day, and twice on Sunday.

FOLLY: I wish you didn't have to create an account to order though.


Double Chickwizz Meal - N1650

Meatpie - N300

Express Meal - N950