Deep in The Heart of Yaba-con Valley


20 Hughes Avenue, Yaba, Lagos

0702 535 6106

NOSA:  This one is bit of a weird one because coming here wasn't the original plan. The original plan was Firewood. We get to Firewood and there's no power in the place. So I ask the guy about the generator and he goes, "we only put it on to warm the food". Being the princess that I am, this was never going to work. That's how we ended up at Chefvys.

FOLLY: And then Nosa always calls me a Princess. Firewood is such a wash. They have this pretty decent website and so I was really expecting something good. 

PS. If you do click that link, I doubt any of the food in the image gallery was prepared by them, which is obviously a damn shame, and also fraud/misrepresentation if we're being technical. 

NOSA: Chefvys is your run-of-the-mill fast food joint and it isn't too tech-preneur friendly to boot.  

FOLLY: 'No romance'

NOSA: I ordered the Crispy Yam with the Roasted Chicken. The crispy yam is just a shit version of Tastee Fried Chicken's Yamarita. Like, a proper shit version. If you're going to be a copycat, at least try and make yours better. 

My mother will never forgive me if she finds out I drove all the way to Yaba to eat "yam and stew". Scraps "yam and stew" at that. The chicken wasn't any better either. Unbelievably dry on the inside despite looking like it was severely undercooked. 

FOLLY: I didn't enjoy the chicken AT ALL.

I had the Chefvy's Spaghetti for my main. It's pretty decent for what it was, which is curry spaghetti. The curry was a tad bit overwhelming after a while so I had to stop eating. 

chefvys spaghetti


NOSA: Chefvys is ok if you work in the area and you aren't trying to go too far. But then again, Yaba has White House and Lihao. There's also a Sweet Sensation right next door. I'd pass on this one if I were you.


Crispy Yam - N500

Special Spaghetti - N350

Oven Roasted Chicken - N650