Chef Imoteda is Delivering Lunch

This is a bit of an experiment. We want to start sharing short Lagos restaurant "gist", which can't possibly become full blog posts, and interesting food industry stories we find on the internet. 

A bit of a "Food Industry Round Up" of some sort. We get lots of stuff sent our way that don't fit the blog regular format and it's a shame we can't share.

This might segue into more news-y Eat.Drink.Lagos posts or might not. But let's see how it goes.

Chef Imoteda is Delivering Lunches

More Lagos Chefs are going "retail". Ok, maybe not a lot, but Chef Imoteda is joining Chef Benedict in the accessible food game with her Heels in the Kitchen lunches.


Pioneer Woman Got a Lil' Bit Racist


BBQ & Cravings Breakfast is Official

We sent this in our newsletter a week ago, but it is officially official now. Every Saturday morning, BBQ & Cravings will be serving a special breakfast menu


Starburst Is Releasing Bags Filled With Only Pink Starburst

Because the streets wanted it, Starburst is releasing packs with just the pink flavor. If this was Nigerian company, the family and friends of the owner would probably tell you start your own Starburst.