Chef Benedict Is Hosting #GoodFood Night At Browns Cafe This Friday

NOSA: Chef Benedict, our last Lunch Club host and all round amazing guy, is hosting #GoodFood Night at Browns Cafe tomorrow.

FOLLY: He usually just does private dinners so this is a special opportunity to try his food. 

NOSA: If you have no clue who Benedict is, well, he made us squid ink pasta and it was amazing. So yeah, we can vouch for him. 

FOLLY: And he was at our festival too. 

NOSA: For 10k, Benedict is serving up a 4-course Italian dinner. If you have no plans for Friday, you should definitely pencil this in. #TreatYourself2016 is in full effect, friends.

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 10.06.37 AM.png

FOLLY: I don't know about #TreatYourself2016 but I do subscribe to #TreatYourselfFridays. 10k might seem a lot initially but for a four-course meal, I definitely think it's a good deal. 

NOSA: To RSVP, email or follow @brownscafelagos on Instagram for more deets.