Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LVII

Hey. Where can I get a great sharwarma? Loved the ones I got from UTC before they shut down. Something with girth, great taste and enough proper pepper to blow the roof of my mouth off!!!!
— H.H

FOLLY: Honestly, I've recently gone off shawarma and so it's hard to make a recommendation because the shawarma that was good two months ago might already have fallen off. Murphis Plaza used to be my favorite but you'd have to ask for extra pepper. 

NOSA: Ebeano, duh.

Subject: Buffet Lunch/Dinner

Message: So i want a nice spot to celebrate with family about 20 adults and 8 kids. Budget of about 5000 max per head. Somewhere in Victoria Island would be nice. Please could you recommend a place or places. Thanks.
— O.O

NOSA: 5k per head is a bit of a tight budget. Maybe a buffet. Nothing decent in VI comes to mind, but you can stroll to Lekki and check out Red Beryl Lounge in Feffereti Mall.

Or better yet, try Syrian Club.

FOLLY: Hotel Bon Voyage is N4500 but the selection is limited.