Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LV

Subject: 25 and Alive!

Message: My wife is 25 this week. I plan dinner among other things. Where to take her is my worry. She loves meat and spaghetti. Lol
— Anon

FOLLY: This is easy, La Verandah

NOSA: Yeah, this is definitely a no brainer. La Verandah it is

Subject: Dinner for 2

Message: Hi guys! I’m looking for a nice place for a first date on the island. Nothing too pricey, but something that shows effort. Thanks!
— D.Y

FOLLY: Crust & Cream but I'm afraid that doesn't show much effort. 

NOSA: Crust & Cream is a lame option, for sure.

FOLLY: You can also consider Craft Gourmet, but it'll have to be a lunch date as they close at 6pm and don't open on Sundays. 

NOSA: I say La Taverna because it can be pretty romantic, especially the tables by the walls. 

Subject: Casual Business Apero/Dinner

Message: Hi guys, been following the blog for a while. And you guys are doing a great job keeping us entertained at the same time as letting us know the in’s and out’s of dining in Lagos. I’m having a late afternoon/evening business meeting this weekend but it’s a really casual one, with close friends. They have left the location up to me, since I’m always so picky about where we meet up. What would you recommend? Preferably somewhere with a nice view or outdoors. Thanks guys (bless your souls!) <3
— E.A

FOLLY: Nok by Alara. The ambience is everything you're looking for. 

NOSA: If you're not really eating, check out the The Rooftop at Eko Hotel

‎Hello nosa and folly, am planning on taking a girl out for her birthday (close to being called my girlfriend kind of relationship) early July. Confused about what restaurant would be a good choice? My budget is about 10-12k on food.

Thank you.
— D.I

FOLLY: This is really cute, Crust and Cream is smack in your budget but I'm afraid it might not be what you're going for ambiance wise. 

NOSA: You could take her to Hans & Rene because it's romantic in a way