Breakfast At Casper & Gambini's

Casper & Gambini's

1089 Agoro Odiyan St., Victoria Island, Lagos

0700 227 73770816 761 7005

NOSA: One fine Saturday, we woke up and went to have breakfast at Casper & Gambini's without showering. 

By "one fine Saturday", I mean last Saturday.

FOLLY: Dawg, why are you casting me on the Internet?

NOSA: Like real fatasses, we got 3 mains for breakfast - Smoked Salmon Bagel, Gambini's Omelette, and Pancakes.

FOLLY: Even more hilarious because I skipped the gym to pig out.  It was also the same day as our ICF Dessert Party. Look, something must kill a man. 

NOSA: The bagel tasted a bit stale to me. Like, a day old or something. The salmon, however, was pretty great. 

NOSA: Overall, I don't have too many complaints because you can't find a bagel sandwich anywhere so you better be grateful. Beggars can't be choosers, mate. 

FOLLY: They stuffed a whole lot of salmon in the sandwich, let's be grateful for that. On the other hand, there wasn't that much cream cheese in the sandwich - I'm not complaining -  but if you really like cream cheese and want to order this, you should tell them to be a little more heavy handed with the cheese.

NOSA: We decided to be a bit healthy and got an egg white omelette with mozzarella.

FOLLY: The egg white omelette was my idea as per "you skipped the gym so try and be healthy".

NOSA: You can analyze how healthy that is in the comments, I won't judge you for judging us. The omelette was very airy and either the mozzarella was beat through it or they forgot to add it.

FOLLY: Absolutely loved the omelette. It explained the difference between beating your eggs with a fork or a whisk. The mozzarella was beat through it so it didn't come out stringy as you'd expect if it was poured in and then folded. 

NOSA: It came with one strip of lonely struggle bacon and toast instead of the hash browns we ordered. Tried complaining to the waitress about the absence of hash browns and she had this "WTF are you talking about" look on her face. If Lagos wait staff ever give you that look, just allow it. You're not winning that battle.

FOLLY: I just told her sorry Ma, don't worry again please. 

NOSA: A bit random, but I'm surprised they have bacon here. Aren't they a Middle Eastern franchise and haram etc etc?

FOLLY: Yeah, I said this to Nosa while we were eating that I was surprised that they had pork items on their menu after all it is their restaurant and their rules. I understand adjusting their menu to different markets but some places would choose not to serve it if it's against the owner's beliefs and if that was the case I wouldn't fight them for it.

NOSA: Of everything, the pancakes were the biggest let down. Considering how nice they looked, that hurt me a lot. On first bite, I reaaaaaally liked the pancake. It was all fluffy and shit.  

FOLLY: See Nosa doesn't like fruit so I didn't have to share that with him. I had a cool plan for the pancake, the syrup, and the fruit

NOSA: Unfortunately, the pancake had the worst after taste. Like some industrial chemical or paint thinner.

FOLLY: I couldn't stuff it with fruit and drizzle with syrup and enjoy it as I had planned. 

NOSA: The whole after taste thing didn't make sense to me so I had to call the manager to ask. I mean, maybe it was just my taste buds because no way something so pretty looking tastes like shit.

The manager said it tasted funky because we didn't eat it immediately 😒. WTF? 

You don't eat a pancake immediately and it tastes like ass? Is this some nuclear whatever with a shelf life of 5 minutes?

FOLLY: It's very hard to describe because the pancake starts out tasting absolutely normal when I put it in my mouth and chew, but when I swallow and the bitterness hits my taste buds I'm left thinking wait what?

NOSA: Anyway, I ask the manager to taste it. Dude says "ok" and walks right in the kitchen. Folly is like, "oh he can't taste on the floor, he'll be back". 

Did dude come back? NOOOOOOPE.

Not ready to give up, I ask our waitress to take it to the chef and have him taste it. Babe takes our plate to the kitchen and comes back with no feedback. We ask if he tasted it and the waitress replies, "Ma, I gave it to him but he probably won't taste it".

What kind of weird thing is this? Did they put jazz in this thing and are suddenly hush hush because we figured it out. 


NOSA: One fine Saturday, we woke up and got the weirdest service at Casper & Gambini's.

FOLLY: Shame cause I really want to like Casper & Gambini's. In fact, I loved it when we first visited it here

NOSA: I mean, they took the pancake off the bill but that wasn't what I asked for. I asked why it had the funky after taste and got no response. What a bunch of dickwads.



Lemon Ice Tea - N1200

Gambini's Omelette - N3300

Smoked Salmon Bagel - N3800

Pancakes - N2500