Guilty Pleasures Need Love Too

Casa Lydia/La Provence

19 Glover Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

0817 200 11430817 200 1152

NOSA: First off, I'll go a little off brand, thoughts with the families who lost loved ones in that Charleston shooting. It's also a shame to watch respectable media outlets are stumbling over themselves as they try to humanize that racist murderer. The world is such a mad place, man. Maybe it's best to build a bubble and never leave. I guess mine is this blog.


So Casa Lydia and La Provence are in the same "compound". You can order from either menu in either restaurant. Just think of it as a restaurant with two different dining areas because that's what it really is. Folly and I prefer staying on the La Provence side of things because La Provence has a lot more natural light, which is perfect for pictures. 

FOLLY: Casa Lydia also smells damp.

NOSA: #FunFact: Casa Lydia, La Provence, and The Foundry are all owned by the same guy.

FOLLY: There's also a guest house in the compound if you ever want to...

NOSA: Casa Lydia is like walking distance from my house. Well, walking distance if I wasn't so lazy. Anyway, yeah, Casa Lydia is walking distance from mine and it's usually my go-to when to cook goes on his "off" and leaves me to die in the house. 

I was running late and Folly ordered for me. She got me the Club Sandwich without the boiled eggs. Random, Nigeria might be the only place that does this "boiled egg in club" thing. I have no idea why you people love foul things. 

As far as I'm concerned, the Club is the worst sandwich at Casa Lydia. If you come here, get the Cajun Chicken or Steak sandwich instead. 

FOLLY: My favourite pasta at Casa Lydia used to be the Penne in Cream Sauce with Chicken which I absolutely love and you should get when you visit. I love the way the garlic ties the sauce together. 

Anyways, I can't have that anymore and so I ordered the Seafood Spaghetti but asked for the Spaghetti to be replaced with penne.


NOSA: This thing was really penne and stew, but I liked it low-key.

FOLLY:  The seafood pasta is pasta tossed in a slightly garlic-y oily stew with calamari, fish, and shrimp. The idea of it is very basic and slightly pedestrian (i.e. you would never see this on the menu at an Italian restaurant) but it works and the end result is very tasty.


NOSA: As for me, my club was a little cold. I think they wanted to bring both orders at the same time and mine was ready a lot earlier. The toast had pretty much lost all it's zing and the chicken was rubbery. 

FOLLY: I hate it when they do that to be honest. They should start preparing the one that takes more time first. Heck, they could even bring both separately and let the decision be up to me if I want to be polite and wait for my partner to get his/her lunch before I eat.

NOSA: The fries were straight struggle. They tasted like the chef made them in "old" oil. I have no idea why people don't dispose of oil as soon as they're done frying shit. It's such bad behavior.



NOSA: Casa Lydia isn't really anything special, to be honest. The food won't blow you away and prices aren't that wallet friendly. Casa Lydia is restaurant version of Aldo. If it wasn't so close to mine, I probably wouldn't go as much if I did at all. It has grown on me, however. If you lived right next to an Aldo, you'd probably wear Aldo too.

FOLLY: Casa Lydia used to be amazing when it first opened years ago. Like special birthday dinner good or engagement dinner good. I was very excited when they remodeled La Provence as well. A couple years down the line and now it's hit or miss. Somedays the chef can be bothered, and on the other days he couldn't care less. If you're lucky to go on the days when he's not in a foul mood so is cooking nonsense you're lucky, if otherwise pele. 

Oh, I like their Strawberry mojitos a lot.


Seafood Spaghetti - N3500

Club Sandwich - N2200