Drink Lagos: Captain's Bar


Captain's Bar's remote location promises little. Situated at the end of a narrow residential close in Ilupeju, the parking arrangement especially on busy days, can be an ordeal. Although the management has provided parasitic parking attendants with enthusiastic cries of 'cut your hand'; it's still advisable to park on the adjoining Ibefun Lane or Adeola Adeleye Street and walk down.

Captains Bar Ilupeju.jpg

Once you walk through the gates, the quaint interior of the bar erases all doubts foisted by the unassuming facade and laborious parking. The aesthetics of the bar features quirky items that reflect the personality of the bar's owner, Flight Captain Abiola, a jovial man with a knack for hospitality. You can spot him going from table to table, Dunhill Switch in hand, conversing with patrons. Captain’s bar is your regular outdoor bar with a splash of antique ornaments to create an edgy look and feel. The non smoking section of the bar actually has seats from an airplane!

The atmosphere is mellow with music wafting through the speakers at a decibel favorable to conversations. The only exception is Friday Karaoke Nights where guests are allowed to torture others with high pitch voices in Vic-O keys. The bar’s clientele is a refreshing mix of workers seeking refuge from stress, Old Money men relaxing; and mandem with a mission to turn up for God and country. Regardless of your person, the bar’s unspoken rules are firm – “Keep your voice down, we are all going through a lot.”


The drink menu is pleasantly varied with beer, cocktails for exotic palettes, spirits in all forms and wines. The beer is always presented mortuary standard with the Heineken, in particular, served to look like a battalion of White Walkers. Captain's signature cocktail, scarily named BOM, is a deceptively delicious mix which has been proven to loosen the tongue and lower inhibitions. The 1.5-liter cocktail which will set you back just N1500 will hit you only when you stand to leave.

 BOM Cocktail Jug

BOM Cocktail Jug

The pricing is very affordable for a bar with such service delivery – beers retail at N400 with the exception of Heineken at N600; the glorious Nkwobi is sold for N1000 and its Ozil-esque partnership with rice goes for N1500.

Captain's strongest point is its assortment of alcohol accompaniments. The features on the 'Alcohol EP' mixtape are impressive: MC Nkwobi; Yung Isi-Ewu; Lil Turkey, Asun tha G.O.A.T., King Grilled Chicken etc. The spicy Nkwobi (‘Spicy’ = 'peppery AF') bears testimony of the existence of a living God and when partnered with white rice or Indomie, opens a window to the soul heretofore inaccessible. If you have a low threshold for pepper, please inform the servers before ordering the meal – thank me later.

On a scale of #Ozoemezina (Never Again) to #HellYeah; Captain’s is definitely a must visit. The serene atmosphere, the dope menu and the great pricing makes it easily one of the best places to be on Lagos mainland.



Good for: Happy Hour – Groups – Casual Drinks

Food: Full kitchen 

Bottle Service: Yes |  Wine: Yes  |  Beer: Yes




Heineken - N600  

BOM Cocktail Jug - N1500

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