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20-24 Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

01 461 8951

FOLLY: So the plan for yesterday was to hit up House J/ J House (not sure which it is) off Isaac John. My friend had recommended it to me. However, when that rain started yesterday, Nosa and I were like "yeah, rocks can't click". So we went to Cactus. 

NOSA: I've heard so much about Cactus but never been, so I was pretty pumped about this one. The space has to be one of my favorites. I can't tell one thing that Cactus does that no one else does, but for some reason Cactus just felt different. Maybe it was the lighting or the openness of it. Can't quite put a finger on it.

cactus restaurant

FOLLY: I've started taking my dietary restrictions more seriously, and avoiding things that make me sick (dairy) even though I like them so much. So instead of the pancakes which I wanted so very dearly, I went with a boring Spanish Omelette and a side of Sausage + Baked Beans.

NOSA: Eh yah, pele


FOLLY: I consoled myself with the fact that the Spanish Omelette has mushrooms. Na me fuck up, as the mushrooms no too show up like that.

NOSA: I couldn't decide what I wanted to get. Normally, I'd use jedi mind tricks on Folly so she gets my other option but this her lactose intolerance wahala came in the way.  Eventually settled on the Basket, which is essentially a a breakfast burger.

cactus basket

FOLLY: And then I got a pedestrian hot dog for a sausage. All this was happening to me while Nosa was chowing away happily and snapchat-ing his meal.


To be completely honest, I feel like I know which particular brand of hot dog sausage they used. The saltiness was so reminiscent of a Nathan's hot dog, which was not a bad thing cause it's my go to for hot dog sausages.

It got me through university of days I didn't feel like cooking and was too poor to buy anything. I'll pop one in the microwave, + ketchup, + bread and eh voila hot dog. 

NOSA: If she ordered what I wanted her to get, perhaps she would not be crying like this. She might still be pooping, but definitely not crying like she is on this post. 

cactus basket II

My burger was near perfect. The individual pieces were just right. From ridiculously soft bun to the non-struggle bacon. Unfortunately, it lacked a little something to connect it all. Desperately needed mayo or honey mustard or anything that would prevent it from being so dry. It was like Mourinho's first Chelsea team. Everything was so disjointed until Robben came in. 


The first 10 or so bites were decent. After that, the egg started to overwhelm me because I hate egg that's not scrambled hard or stew. 

Good effort though. Maybe next time. 


FOLLY: I want to hate Cactus because my food was so underwhelming, however the restaurant is so well lit and pretty well laid out too, that it's hard for me to hate them. Actually, our waitress forgot to order our hummus so I don't know why I'm being soft on them.

Cactus also won Nosa, the self professed hater of little kids, over. When I caught him saying he loved the space because it was so "open and family friendly" I knew hard guy don ghost.

NOSA: Abeg abeg temporary break in regular transmission. 

FOLLY: At least until the child in a table adjacent to us started crying and Nosa was back to hating little children. 

NOSA: Before this, everything I'd heard about Cactus had been bad. This wasn't bad at all. It wasn't great either, but it wasn't bad at all. So far from it.

Cactus is in that group of restaurants beneath the elite ones, like Crust & Cream. It's no RSVP or 1415, but it's still good enough. 


Basket Breakfast -N3500

Spanis Omelette - N2850


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