Lunch And A Kitchen Tour

Burgers N Shakes

1 Oyekan Street, Surulere, Lagos

0905 050 5067


NOSA: These guys followed us on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and I was mighty surprised to find out they were in Surulere. Like, a walking distance from my office.

Meanwhile, more Lagos restaurants need to be more active on Instagram. Not to be presumptuous or anything, but that’s how we find most of the restaurants we check out and I’ll put good money on the fact other people do the same.

FOLLY: And also post (real) pictures of their food not their children. Anyway, these guys are really on Akerele and not Oyekan just thought you should know. 

Secondly, they have the most unconventional space as customers have to walk through the kitchen to get into the restaurant.  


NOSA: The space is very very tiny and the kitchen is out in front. As soon as you walk in, the very first thing you see is the kitchen. That’s a big no-no for me. You can actually watch them make the food, which would be great if there weren’t things to hide like them bringing out the frozen fries from the freezer. You should always hide that fam.

FOLLY: I think that customers walking through the kitchen could be a health code violation in a legitimate country. However, we're in Nigeria and compounded with the fact that we have a baby boy governor, I'm sure Burgers N Shakes will be alright. 

NOSA: Folly and I got their burgers - beef and chicken - and a pair of smoothies. 

The burger was a bit meh. Probably because they used a Chi Foods patty. See, they shouldn’t have let me see that. 

You can definitely make this burger at home. Good thing that we didn’t pay out the asshole for it so I guess that’s good.

FOLLY: Nosa's Chi Burger Patty was way better than my chicken one.

FOLLY: As you can see from the black speckles, the chips were fried in dirty oil.  

NOSA: The fries were bit struggle. Freezer Fries + Old Oil = Recipe for Disaster.

You know what's hilarious? The pictures on the instagram. Filters be lyingggggg, dawg.

FOLLY: Even the pictures on the menu. Only thing that was real was probably the club sandwich.


FOLLY: In burger lingo, the bun had 'zero integrity' but interestingly it was the only thing I liked cause I hated the chicken in between. 

NOSA: The chicken burger tastes like the Mr. Biggs one. I know this because I used to be a chicken burger connoisseur in primary school. And the hot dog too. Fat man like me used to chow both of them in one sitting. I’ve really come a long way.

FOLLY: I don't know why Nosa is trying to chase his admirers away by saying his fat. I guess he's still shy from this morning's declaration. It's funny how he gets these sort of messages ever so often and his picture isn't out there.

NOSA: As for the smoothies, they were pretty good despite the cook’s best effort to fuck it up. Man brought a completely different smoothie from the one I ordered. Said, “I made this one already so I figured I’d give you”.

confused nick young


NOSA: You more or less get what you pay for and if you must eat here, don't eat in. Oh, it's the cheapest smoothie you'll find in Lagos.

FOLLY: Way way cheaper than those Lekki prices, Daily Bread I'm looking at you.



Chicken Burger - N1000

Beef Burger - N1000

Wild Berry Smoothie - N650