Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XLVI

Subject: Surprise dinner party for 10-12

Message: Hi, I wanna have a surprise dinner for a friend
Party of 12
Budget 100k
Want somewhere classy, affordable and nice ambience...
Recommendation please...
Thank you
— F.A

FOLLY: Crossroads , La Verandah and Deli's all fit that spec. However, with Deli's it's very important to call to reserve because a party of 12 is almost their entire restaurant. 

Subject: Birthday Dinner on a budget

Message: Hi Guys, Great work you are doing. Can you please suggest a nice ( good ambience, good for pictures, etc) budget friendly restaurant where I can have a birthday dinner for 20-25 people on the 16th of April Budget is about 100-150k. Thanks! AA
— A.A

FOLLY: La Taverna

NOSA: That's ~5k/head. Take out taxes and you're at ~4k. That's maybe a main and a drink (probably water). You're not going to get "good ambience" at that price point. 

Subject: 21st birthday.

Message: Hi guys. Please my friend wants to celebrate her 21st birthday at a nice restaurant. Preferably one that serves buffet, a group of 9 people and her budget is 60k. Please can you recommend somewhere on the mainland. Thank you.
— B.C

FOLLY: The Golden Tulip Hotel in Festac. I can't remember the exact amount but the buffet was about N6000 for brunch and it was pretty good. 

 NOSA: Orchid Bistro in Ikeja