Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXI

Subject: Buffets on the Island

Message: Hi guys, Please can you recommend great buffet restaurants in Lagos, preferably on the Island. Excluding the wheatbaker hotel and 4 points by sheraton. Thanks!
— T.O

NOSA: Southern Sun, The George

FOLLY: Four Points would have been my suggestion. 

Subject: Help: Birthday Dinner Suggestions

Message: Hi,

I am looking for a restaurant for my birthday in a couple weeks. A budget of 12k per person. I would obviously love value for money and somewhere with good parking. Also, preferably on the Island.

Thank you :)
— N.K

FOLLY: Eko Hotel has good parking and I think 1415 works in that budget. Craft Gourmet in Mega Plaza also has great parking (lunch only though as they close at 6pm).

NOSA: Tarragon

FOLLY: Tarragon parking is not ideal, but hey win some, lose some.