Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XXXVIII

Subject: Falafel

Message: Hello. I was curious as to if there are any falafel places in Lagos, and if there could you profile them? Thanks
— L.B
Hi Folly & Nosa,

My husband is turning 40 in 2 weeks and I’d like to take him out for a surprise dinner. However I don’t want us to head home afterwards, I’m thinking of retiring to a nice hotel for the night then head home next morning.
So I’d like you to suggest a good place for dinner on the island, almost next to a nice hotel. Can I even get lucky and get the nice hotel with a nice restaurant where we could just go up to our room after dinner ;-) ?
Now the tricky part is my tight budget (I’m a struggling artist :-p ) so I was thinking like 50-80k max? C’est possible? To get all that niceness with my little cash?
PS- we might have a few guests with us for the dinner but they have graciously offered to foot their own bills ( I wouldn’t want them to pay more than like 15-20k per couple though... )

Keep doing what you are doing, we love it!
— A.S

FOLLY: My gut says Four Points because if their lunch is any indication, their dinner buffet is around N7500. I would have suggested Crossroads at Eko Hotel but I think Eko Hotel room rates may be more expensive than Four Points. However, do not take my word for it as it's based on perception as I've never booked a stay in either. 

NOSA: Does the budget include the hotel room? With 1415 and Crossroads, Eko Hotel probably has the best restaurant options of any hotel in Lagos, but The Wheatbaker isn't bad either. 

Subject: EDL shirt

Message: How do I get the EDL shirts??

FOLLY: We would have replied this privately, but there wasn't an email address. You can get our shirts here

Subject: HeLP!

Message: Hi,

First off, you guys are doing a great job, EDL is amazing and has saved me from several disaster dates. *chuckle* keep it up.
This has inspired me to come up my own ‘guide’ to help people navigate through a certain kind of stress but nothing majorly in your line of interest (X my heart). I would appreciate if you could give some tips to starting up something like this, growing and maintaining it. plus any advice you deem necessary.
would really love to hear back from you,
Warm regards.

— Z.O

FOLLY: I have no idea what you're asking young one. 

NOSA: Are you asking us to give you tips on starting your own EDL? Because you know I won't do that, right? Jokes aside, be honest and authentic. You're not going to be the next Linda Ikeji. If that's why you want to do it, just stop. If it's something you love doing, you'll have no problem maintaining it. 

Subject: Buffet

Message: Hi guys, please i’d like to know the best buffet spots in Lagos for a date.
— A.C

FOLLY: We've reviewed a few here

Subject: Group meeting.

Message: Hey guys, I’m looking for a venue for a team meeting. Most of us are meeting for the first time, so I need relaxed settings. I’m feeling nice so a budget of 10k (laaaassssstttt). I’m not trying to get meals, they can eat rice from home. Need to be able to hear one another as there’s going to be a lot of brainstorming, but it’s also quite formal.
(I’m even having headache describing what I want so you can see why I haven’t found anywhere.)
— T.S

NOSA: Relaxed, but quite formal? 

FOLLY: La Taverna, but go on a Wednesday. Order 3 pizzas and spend N6k; they are N2k each but only on Wednesdays and Sundays.