Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XXXV

NOSA: At this point, most of you already know what we look like. If you don't, please don't look for it. We're still shy. 

FOLLY: I think Nosa didn't tweet the link because he knew I'd delete it. 

NOSA: No more "Hey Girls!" emails. 😟

Hope you’re well. 

It’s my boyfriends birthday and I need a list of options at least 2 options to take him to please. 
Lunch (not so expensive) budget is 6k per head

Dinner 10-13k per head. The dinner should be highlight of the day. Classy &Quiet. 

— TK

NOSA: Casper & Gambini's is currently one of my favorites and it fits your budget, so I'd say you go with that.

FOLLY: I'm not really sure if you're asking for somewhere to take him for lunch and another place to take him for dinner. If that is indeed what you're asking. I agree with Nosa on Casper & Gambini's for either lunch or dinner.

However, if you're asking for two different recommendations, Verandah for lunch and Talindo for dinner. 

Subject: I’m reporting Green Grill House :(((

Message: Hey guys!
I need to report Green Grill House to y’all. Like I’m so disappointed with them. Can you imagine that it took them almost 4 hours to deliver a salad to me. Common salad oh! By the time I got it I was no longer interested in eating it but money must not waste oh! 
So I’m pleading to you both to give me suggestions for other places because I will no longer support a business that refuses to improve on their service. That instance was not the first, second or third time. 
Since I’m now fit fam, pls I need good & RELIABLE soup, salad delivery places. MANY THANKS!!!!
— LA

NOSA: Dude, I totally feel where you're coming from. I have the biggest love/hate relationship with GGH. Their delivery is so terrible and the staff in store aren't helpful, but they have such a much needed product. If someone opened a competing outlet with better customer service, they'd kill it. 

FOLLY: L.A, I'm also extremely tired of GGH. Their long delivery time is no longer excusable, they've been in this business for long enough to sort that thing out. Secondly, 2/3 times that I order a salad they send me the wrong dressing. In fact, once, they sent me no dressing at all. Enough with my rant, to answer your question, at this time I don't know of a reliable salad delivery service. I've ordered from Britts Food once and although it came on time, the salad didn't hit like that. Smoothie Express now does salads, but I've never ordered them before. Lastly, So Fresh in Ikoyi/Ikeja make delicious salads but, they too, have issues. 

NOSA: The GGH experience is a lot better in the physical location, but good luck trying to get the staff to explain how the salad bar works. 

Subject: caribbean cusine st lucia

Message: Hi I live in saint Lucia, just saw your invite on CNN , I want to say , well done , I would love to come to Africa one day , I have my own restaurant in soufriere st lucia , check us out on trip advice , I love your idea
— Orlando

NOSA: This probably one of the best emails we received post-CNN so I felt I had to share it. I don't know if I'll ever go to St. Lucia, but if any of our readers is in the area, check out Orlando's spot. He sent us a picture of his work too.

Keep it simply, pepper pot mahi mahi. Local mahi serve on a broth of ground provision ,and top with a ginger fruit salsa, that's how we share the love

Keep it simply, pepper pot mahi mahi. Local mahi serve on a broth of ground provision ,and top with a ginger fruit salsa, that's how we share the love

FOLLY: I've never had mahi mahi fish before but I already know I love it. 

You guys are undoubtedly doing a great job.
I watched you on CNN African Voices. Fantastic!!!!!
OK, so straight to the point. 
My husband has informed me that Valentine’s Day will be different for us this year because it falls on a Sunday. The annual routine is to take me out for lunch or dinner. So this time, he wants to take the whole family out for a buffet after church. So my assignment is to recommend two or three nice and affordable places that we can eat sumptuous lunch that will not be forgotten in a hurry.
Against this backdrop, I would like you to please furnish me with buffet places on the island. We live in Ojodu so it should be within Ikeja and its environs.
Thank you as I await your response.
Thank you.
— Mrs. B

NOSA: Thank you so much for your kind words, Mrs. B. As for your request, Valentine's Day is on a Sunday this year so you're in luck. Orchid Bistro has a pretty nice Sunday brunch buffet. Sheraton in Ikeja also has a solid one as well. 

Subject: Bridal shower venues in ikeja

Message: Hello,
I’m planning a bridal shower for my sister for about 20 guests. I’m looking for a nice venue in the ikeja area. Please any suggestions?
— Temi B

NOSA: I feel like we got a similar question recently. I'd definitely check out Spurs because they have a pretty fun space. Their alcohol selection is pretty weak, however. If you're trying to drink, check out Truffles in Ikeja. The food is on the average side but there's alcohol and the space would work really well for your bridal shower.

FOLLY: Rhapsody's has the drinksssss