RECAP: Bottomless Margaritas at La Taverna

FOLLY: This past Friday we facilitated Chef Imoteda getting white girl wasted with bottomless margaritas at La Taverna.

NOSA: I know it said "Bottomless" margaritas but I honestly thought we'd run out.

bottomless margaritas taverna-5.jpg

FOLLY: Yeah same because the margs were to be bottomless until we ran out of tequila which surprisingly never happened. We ran out of strawberry margaritas at some point but there were other flavors. 

NOSA: We ran out of chicken too.

bottomless margaritas taverna-4.jpg

FOLLY: To eat were the usual tex-mex suspects: quesadillas, chill con carne, fajitas.

bottomless margaritas taverna-7.jpg
bottomless margaritas taverna-2.jpg

FOLLY: This was way too much fun and I'd like to explore how we can make this happen with some regularity.  

NOSA: We ended the night with a drunk Chef Cristian and Chef Imoteda arguing about who really really went to Le Cordon Bleu.

bottomless margaritas taverna-12.jpg
bottomless margaritas taverna-10.jpg
bottomless margaritas taverna-6.jpg