The Closest Thing To True Tex-Mex In Lagos


8 Imam Agusto Close, Victoria Island, Lagos.

0700 268 8537

NOSA: If there's anything I love in the entire world, it's Mexican food. A little less than Manchester United, a lot more than my job.  Like, my love for Mexican food is ridiculous. From the first day my  college roommate put me on, it's been such a beautiful love story. Better than Twilight. 

Then, I moved back. 

I'll say it from the jump, Bottles isn't great Mexican food. But na condition make crayfish bend. I've been to Bottles so many times that a couple of the waiters are "my guys". I remember this one girl I had a thing with. She used to be my Bottles-buddy. Then, she got a boyfriend and started bringing him to Bottles. Most hateful thing a woman has ever done to me. I'll never forgive her for that.


NOSA: I digress. 

What I legit love about Bottles is how they're actually committed to Mexican food. Other spots like Bungalows and Cafe Royale don't go all or nothing with the Mexican food, Bottles does. What's so strange about it all is that the owner isn't even Mexican, it's some Persian homeboy. 

As long as you order something, Bottles gives you their complimentary struggle "chips & salsa" like proper Mexican spots do. Bungalows and others don't do that. Bottles' salsa is really pico de gallo though, and I'm ashamed to admit their struggle chips have grown on me. 

 I don't know anything about Mexican food, so you're going to have to take Nosa's word on this one.

NOSA: Folly wasn't too hungry so we ordered the Chicken Fajitas to share 

Unlike their chips, their tortillas weren't struggle. If I blindfold you and shut off their generator, you might think you're not in Lagos. The tortillas were that authentic.

FOLLY: What's the difference between a tortilla and flat bread for us lay-men please ?

NOSA: The chicken was well seasoned-ish. I'll be honest, by the time you load your fajita, you probably won't notice how weak the chicken is. 


NOSA: Maybe I'm biased, but I really like Bottles. Perhaps it's because I've accepted it for what it really is. It'll never be like your neighborhood Mi Cocina, but it's the closest you'll find in Lagos. The margaritas are potent and the food is decent as long as you don't order the wings. Or anything that's not Mexican for that matter. 

FOLLY: I'm not as passionate about Mexican food as Nosa is, so I come to Bottles for the Strawberry Margaritas which I love. Nosa says the margaritas are too sweet but his opinion doesn't count, because he believes all sweet cocktails will give him jedi jedi.


Chicken Fajita - N4000

Small Margarita Pitcher - N6500